Celebrate the New Year


Need a way to pass a rainy day? Why don’t you create a scrapbook for all of your memories?

How you can do it:

Get some supplies:

You’ll needhttp://www.princesscrafts.com/scrapbook/images/index-page/baby14-1.JPG:

A blank scrapbook OR the material to make your own.

If you decide to make your own book, you’ll need: paper thick enough to make the cover and backing (in any size, color or shape you want), paper for the pages on the inside of the book (get enough so that you have enough pages for your book), a hole puncher and some twine, yarn, string or ribbon!

How to construct your blank book:

1. Cut your cover and back to the size you want them. You can make them any shape you want! Square, rectangle, circle…whatever! This is YOUR book!

2. Cut your inside pages 1/2 inch small than the cover all around so that way it’s just like a real scrapbook.

3. Make sure the inside pages are all straight and together, then stack them inside of the cover and backing.

4. Then use your hole punch and punch holes in the sheets. Your book might be too thick to punch all at once, so you might have to do it in sections. If you do, just be careful to line up the holes.

5. Once you’ve got all the holes punched, thread the twine or yarn through the holes and either knot them or tie them in a bow…whatever you want!

Okay, now that you’ve got a blank scrapbook, it’s time to fill it. You’ll need some more supplies to do this.

Possibilities are:

glue or glue stick
stamps and ink pads
photo corners (to attach your fave pix of friends, etc)
Using all of these items and any others you want, start putting your book together using all sorts of different things.

Some ideas are:

letters or notes from friends or family
movie ticket stubs
concert ticket stubs
brochures from places you visit
favorite stickers
copies of your favorite poems
your own writings
anything that you love and want to keep forever!
This is a project that you can work on bit by bit! You don’t have to sit down and do it all in one day! Save it for those yucky rainy days or for when you’re bored of the tv!

Remember: this is your book! You can do whatever you want with it. Create a cool cover using really cool paper, stamps and photos. Dedicate sections of the scrapbook to different things (have a friend section, a family section, a secret crush section!). The possibilities are endless! Once you have a blank book, you can do anything!

Wish Box

What you need:

Shoe box
Wrapping paper
Stickers, glitter, cool stuff

What to do:

First, wrap the shoe box (like a present). But remember to wrap the lid and box separately, so you can take the lid off and on. Use the stickers, glitter, markers, and other cool stuff to decorate it.

Then, put stuff in the box that you want to remember (movie tickets, pictures, notes). Keep adding cool stuff to the box. Then, you can look in the box sometimes to remember all the fun stuff!

Time Capsule

The New Year is a big deal! I bet when you’re older you’ll look back and remember where you were, and what you were doing and all that. So why not make a time capsule, to open in the future, to record all the important stuff going on right now!

Ok. First, get a clean coffee can and some waterproof tape. That’s gonna be our capsule! Then, we have to decide what to put in it. It should be stuff that means a lot to you right now, and stuff you might think is funny or cool when you open this thing up again!

Here are some ideas:

Photographs (put them in a plastic baggie)
Ticket stubs from your fave movie
A tape of your fave song
A letter to yourself
A list of your best friends
Collage of cool stuff
Pics of your room
Pages from magazines
Newspaper articles
A letter from a friend to the future you
A videotape of you and your friends
A paragraph about what you want to be
Anything else you can think of!

Then, bury your time capsule in the back yard, and make a map with instructions about how to find it! Keep a copy of the map, and give one to your parents for safe-keeping. Now here’s the deal: You can’t open this thing for 10 years! No matter how much you want to. (Well, I guess you can….) I bet when you open it, you’ll be pretty surprised about everything you forgot about!


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