Brutal Attack AKA Dieting

Food is a sin “Oh I mustn’t” “I really shouldn’t” “It will go straight to my hips”, I guess we are not encouraged to say, “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly, it would go straight to the production of skin cells, my nervous system and my toenail growth” According to diet law, ‘indulging’ or ‘giving in to temptation’ i.e. having a mars bar is a ‘sin’. Kicking a dog is a sin. Changing history so you can make Billions is a sin; sorry but eating food just doesn’t make the grade. Fanatical Christian girls where praised in years gone by for refusing to eat, fainting and having hallucinations (aka Visions from God). Their wasted bodies were seen as proof that they could live on faith alone, to be thin and deprived was to be good, and I say the poor things needed a sandwich. Maybe it started with that weirdo bible story, woman eats apple, and next thing you know everyone ousted out of the garden, and all of the sudden we have to put up with the likes of ticket inspectors, Celine Dion and hip hop, all placed on us by a vengeful God, because of an apple.

On a diet? 30 % of Australian women are, and sheep follow sheep. They are dreaming about a roast with the works, avocados while eating crisp bread that takes like cardboard, feeling desperate, miserable and wondering why they are insanely hungry. They are on a diet and its not going to work, stick to it for long enough and they’ll be gaining weight to boot. It won’t work because they don’t have the ‘willpower’ (diet buzz word), because the body and mind have special powers to deal with starvation they are putting themselves through, it was the same power that kept our ancestors alive when they walked from the European Alps to visit the U.K. When you diet, you lose water and muscle, the dehydration makes you initially weigh less and helps get you into your miniskirt for a gig. Your mind screams out for food, meanwhile the body saves fat and stores more fat every time you eat, your body is coping with starvation.  Brutal cravings for mash potatoes and puddings begin; you can’t be bothered to make either so you settle for burger and mars bars.

When you diet, your body is programmed to expect starvation and famine, so, believe me, its gunna store fat when it has a chance. So what’s the secret to staying a healthy weight? Work with your body, feed it regularly with healthy food, exercise and enjoy treats when the mood takes you.

Dieting makes you sick and depressed:

Diet; lose weight, put it back on, its far worse then maintaining a heavy weight. Starvation causes stress, threatening your immune system and your organs (remember you need those parts to live) also, if you chose to diet, look forward to irritability, depression, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, listlessness, poor sleep patterns and poor concentration. Eating is a natural survival instinct, lots of you claim to believe in natural law, so be natural and eat some lasagna.

Dieting makes you stupid (for example Posh and Ginger Spice):  Dieters perform much worse on testing on reaction times, rapid information processing and memory, reduces concentration and ability to focus.

The solution:

There is a solution, no more hunger, no more expensive meal supplements (a biscuit or a ’power’ shake is not a meal, damnit!!!). Now girls, you are going to have to be dead brave here and be willing to buy fresh food, food that looks and tastes good and food you will enjoy, lets just hope you have enough ‘will power ‘to handle that. Take away food restrictions and let food become less of an obsession, you eat what you need and your body finds its natural weight. And pretty soon, if you listen hard enough, your body screams out Broccoli!!! Capsicum!!! As loudly as it once did for 3 Picnic bars, fairy bread and bag of mixed lollies. And if you don’t fit into the skirt and top you where planning to wear to the next gig, the best way of dealing with it is, to get your self another outfit. For the health of women in the movement, WAU supports shopping all Saturday for a kick ass outfit

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  1. Mary D.

    Thank you for speaking for speaking about the starvation of white girls.Our white brothers are being brainwashed into desiiring the pubescent child rather than the strong white woman.


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