Beautiful skin for your whole body.

– Water cleanses. Drink 1.5 + liters of water every day, it keeps your skin elastic.

– Nutrients from food. Eat versatile and healthy – fish, vegetables and berries. Internally taken vitamins and minerals strengthen the skin of your body.

– Peel now and then. Peel the skin of your body once or twice a week. As the dead skin cells are removed, the nurturing substances of the body lotion also absorb better.

– Dry brush once in a while. It makes your blood circulate and improves the colour of the skin.

– Check your detergents. Avoid soaps that dry your skin. Use mild detergents with ph. 5.5

– Lotion for clean skin only. Apply the body lotion on a dry and clean skin only. After sauna or bath, wait about 20-30 minutes before you spread the lotion so that the pores are closed.

– Don’t forget the feet! When treating calluses on your soles and toes it’s important to pay attention on regular washing and moisturizing.

– Dry elbows? Before going to bed, apply some extremely moisturizing lotion on your elbows and put on a long-sleeved shirt. When you wake up the elbows should be visibly softer.

Taken from HomeFront Iseue 13


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