Back to School Fun

With summer drawing to a close and the dreaded first day of school approaching, kids could use a little something to get them going again. Below yo’ll find a few craft projects that will both bring about smiles and come in handy this school year.

Personalized Pencil Carrier

You will need: Potato chip can with cover, such as a Pringles can, glue, decorating supplies Potato Chip Canister with Cover (Pringles)

Instructions: Wash the inside of the can with soap and water, and let dry completely before decorating. The decorating possibilities are endless, some possible items to stick on include wallpaper samples, wrapping paper, stickers, designs drawn on construction paper, comics from the newspaper, ribbons, buttons- anything you want! Then just fill with pencils, pop on the lid, and you’re ready for school!
Pencil Pals

You will need: Pencils, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, google eyes, glue

Instructions: Cut a pipe cleaner in half, and wrap one end around the eraser of a pencil in a spiral pattern, leaving about 1 inch extending past the end of the eraser. Put a bit of glue on the end of the pipe cleaner and stick it into a pom-pom. This is the base for your Pencil Pal. Using the google eyes, more pipe cleaners, and any other extras you have, bring your Pal to life by gluing on any features you would like. You can even carry him in your carrier you just made!

Recycled Bookmarks

You will need: Old greeting cards or magazines, posterboard or thin cardboard, glue

Instructions: Cut a bookmark-sized strip from your posterboard or cardboard, about 8 inches by two inches. Using this as your stencil, trace around the section of the greeting card or magazine you want to put on your bookmark. Cut out the rectangle and glue it onto the board. To make your bookmark last longer, cover it with clear contact paper or have it laminated.

Jazzed Up Backpacks

You will need: An old backpack, glitter glue or acrylic paint and a brush, stencils if you have them, construction paper, scissors, pen or pencil, permanent maker

Instructions: This project has limitless possibilities; with a younger child, help them decide how they would like to decorate their backpack. If you don’t have any stencils, make some by allowing your child to draw shapes on construction paper, then cut them out carefully. The leftovers can be used as stencils by placing them on the backpack and holding them in place while your child dabs on glitter glue or paint. You can also trace the pattern with a marker and have your child fill them in or freehand it altogether!

Display Magnet

You will need: Paint stir stick, paint, crayons or markers, three clothespins (with a spring), glue, magnet strip

Instructions: Color the paint stir stick and clothespins with the crayons, markers or paint and allow them to dry. Space the clothespins evenly along the width of the stick and glue them on. You can add any writing you’d like, such as “Look what Tommy did!” or leave it blank. Attatch the magnetic strip along the back, and you have three spots to display artwork or schoolwork on your fridge!

Locker Pen Holder

You will need: Small lightweight box, such as a Band-Aids box, pencil, scissors, ruler, contact or wrapping paper, sticky magnetic sheet

Instructions: Measure and mark four up from the bottom of your container, cut off above the mark. Cover with your decorative paper on the front and sides, but leave the back bare. Cut the magnetic sheet to the size of the back of your container, and remove adhesive and attach. Now it’s ready to hang in your locker!


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