Baby’s First Birthday

Your child’s first birthday is a wonderful milestone and something you will never forget…..even though it means more to you than to your baby. Even the most advanced 1-year-old will not understand what all the fuss is about. Keeping the fuss to a minimum will help keep it fun for both of you.
Keep it small. Your baby (and you) may be overwhelmed or frightened by all the commotion. Keep the guest list simple: family and close friends only, so everyone can enjoy the party!

Keep it short. Twelve month old babies don’t have much stamina, so two hours is probably the longest they can last with all the fun going on around them. Try scheduling the party around nap times, so they are in a good mood.

Save the themes for later. Your baby won’t understand a party theme. Use your creative energy to make something memorable for your baby’s scrapbook.

Have plenty of toys on hand. Your baby won’t understand structured activities. Let them play and do whatever makes them happiest!

Record for the memories. Ask another family member to be on camera duty so that you will be in the pictures or video.

Don’t forget the presents! Your baby might not understand the importance of the occasion, but they will enjoy unwrapping the gifts. They will probably even prefer the boxes and paper to what’s inside!

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