Baby On Board Air Travel with an Infant

Traveling can test your patience under any circumstances, add and infant to the mix and you may just have a recipe for chaos, you need to plan well and in advance.

Avoid traveling during the holidays, I know that we all like to visit our families during the holidays; the perks of not traveling during holidays are more space on the plane and cheaper tickets. You should travel as early as possible so that you can avoid the effect of delays, midday is usually the best time to fly as you avoid all the business people who fly early am. The chances of your baby napping if you fly at lunchtime increase.

Don’t wait till the day you travel to request a window or aisle seat for you and your baby. Be sure to tell your agent that you are traveling with an infant. They will sometimes try and leave an empty seat on either side of you.

Check your luggage, but bring your stroller and/or backpack to the gate with you. Ask the boarding agent to gate check your bulky items so they are waiting for you at the end of the jet way when you arrive at your destination. If your trip includes a plane change, this will make getting from one part of the airport to the next much easier.

If your child is nursing or takes a bottle, you may not need to worry about this, but for children older than six months, never underestimate the power of snacks and other infant-friendly foods.

The air-pressure changes that occur during ascents and, especially, descents, can cause significant ear pain. The best way to prevent it, or at least reduce it, is to encourage your baby to suck and swallow during take off, and for the few minutes prior to landing. Encourage them to nurse, take a bottle, or use a pacifier to stem the pain.


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