Autumn… Fall….Second Harvest…..

The Autumn Equinox has many names and not all are familiar to our readers: Festival of Dionysus, Fall, Mabon, Michaelmas, Labour Day, Alban Elfed, the Cornucopia, Feast of Avilon, Night of the Hunter, Second Harvest, Wine Harvest, the Witch’s Thanksgiving. For the Kelts this is our Second Harvest, when Acorns fall from Majestic Irish Oaks, when i was a child we would use the bottom part of a fallen acorn as a seat for the Faeries that we would leave out for them, even as an adult when i see one i sit it up correctly by the tree for easy access…

Now that the Autumn Equinox is here it means that day and night are now equal in length and this happens when the Sun is at 0* of Libra. The “Harvest Moon” is the name given in the past because night harvests were possible by the light on the Full Moon nearest to the Autumn / Fall Equinox. Often, the Harvest Moon is bigger and brighter and red in colour, the warm colour of the Moon shortly after it rises is caused by light from the Moon passing through a greater amount of atmospheric particles than when the moon is overhead, i only got to see a Red Harvest Moon once in 2007 if memory serves me right.

There are many traditions about the cutting of the last sheaf of wheat at the end of the harvest and that a young Maiden should cut this..In some parts of Ireland and the UK, a corn dolly was made from the last sheaf of corn (English name for wheat) harvested. The corn dolly often had a place of honour at the families dinner table, and the doll was kept until the following spring, the doll was then ploughed back into the ground in hopes that this would bless the new crop for their family. Maybe those of you with land could implement such a tradition for your family.

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