Ask Homefront #1

(Q) Can I use a Q-Tip to remove the wax from my baby’s ears?

(A) No! You should never place a Q-Tip (or anything smaller then your elbow) in baby’s ears, or your ears for that matter! The ear drum can be easily punctured. There is no reason to remove the wax and it will eventually fall out on it’s own.

(Q) How can I ease my baby’s constipation?

(A) – While baby is lying on her back, gently bicycle her legs.

-If your baby is formula fed, ask your healthcare provider about switching formulas.

-Increase fluids. Juices such as prune or apple, may help older babies.

-Ask your healthcare provider about Glycerin Suppositories, or OTC Stool Softners.

-For older babies, cut back on constipating foods such as rice or bananas.

(Q) Help! My newborn has cradle cap!

(A) Rub vegetable or olive oil into baby’s scalp a few times a week – this will help remove the “scales”. After using the oil, wash baby’s hair with a gentle baby shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the scalp for as long as baby can stand it, up to 20 minutes. If the condition worsens, spreads or will not go away – consult your healthcare provider.

(Q)When will I feel the first movement?

(A) First movements are usually felt at about 18 weeks. First time Moms may not know what they are feeling are actually “kicks” from baby. Experienced Moms may feel movement earlier, as they know what they are feeling.

(Q)Is it normal to feel crampy in the beginning of pregnancy?

(A) As your uterus grows, some cramping is quite normal. If you are worried about miscarriage, always contact your healthcare provider. Never feel as if you are “bothering” them with silly questions.

(Q)How many calories do I need?

(A) This question is best put to your healthcare provider who knows your individual situation and health needs, but – in general: During the first trimester, you will not need to take in extra calories. During the second and third trimesters, you should take in 200 to 300 extra calories per day.

(Q)Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid?

(A)Large fish (shark, tuna, sea bass, swordfish) are known to contain high levels of mercury. Raw meats can contain e.coli and toxoplasmosis Raw chicken and eggs can transmit salmonella Soft cheese, such as brie and Pate can contain Listeria Although it is not recommended by the FDA and all healthcare providers, some suggest staying away from shell fish while pregnant as some can contain bacterial, parasitic, and viral infections.

Aspartame – commonly known as NutraSweet is found in many diet drinks. In moderation, it shows no threat to most pregnant women. Some women may have inherited phenylketoniria (PKU), a amino acid that can prove toxic for children. For these women, aspartame should be avoided. Again, it is best to seek the advice of your healthcare provider where aspartame is concerned.

(Q)Is exercise safe during pregnancy?

(A) Again, where exercise is concerned – it is best to follow the advice of your healthcare provider who knows your individual health concerns. In general though, exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, but recommended. Through their extensive research, Drs. James Clapp and Elizabeth Noble found that pregnant women who exercised not only delivered healthy babies, but did so in less time then those women who did not exercise while pregnant.

(Q) Will sex harm the baby?

(A) You can safely have sex throughout your pregnancy, as long as it’s comfortable for you

All information was obtained from The information contained herein is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. ALWAYS seek the advice of your healthcare provider to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy

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