Apprehensions about Homeschooling

You are a proud White Nationalist parent, you visit all the important forums, you read all the important articles, and you help fund all the important projects.

Yet you STILL have reservations about homeschooling your children. Well, you are not alone. Many dedicated WN parents have the same reservations regarding schooling at home.

First of all, it’s a huge responsibility to take control of your child’s education. You will be the one responsible if they don’t succeed, and that alone is enough to deter some would be homeschoolers. Second, your family and friends might look at you like you’re weird. I mean you have already created waves by have pride in your race; this might be the straw that breaks the family’s back. And third, maybe you have to work, you are a single parent, or you don’t think you can afford it.

All very understandable reactions, but none of them can stop a parent who sincerely wants to educate their children at home. Yes, educating children is a huge responsibility but the great news is there are TONS of support groups in almost all communities and certainly online. In my town, which is about 100,000 people, we have three separate homeschooling groups. That’s just the organized ones, it doesn’t count the groups who don’t get together on a regular basis and do not maintain a website.

Some of you may thing you would be unable to educate your children properly because, let’s be honest, not all WN have had perfect childhoods, not all WN were able to focus on school when they were teenagers, not all WN have the confidence in their own public education to pass on their knowledge. But you know how to read, you’re reading this. You can use a computer; you can almost certainly add and subtract, multiply and divide. That just covered much of the first 6 years of your child’s education. These basic skills are the KEY to life long learning success. Imagine how different your own life would be if you had an attentive mother at home watching over your academic progress, making sure you understood EVERYTHING, and never feeling like the dumb kid in class?

What if you fear that your family and friends will think you’re even more weird and “unsocial” than they already do? I am lucky in that regard, my mother not only emotionally supports my homeschooling decision, she also funds it. But I know lots of homeschooling parent’s deal with unfavorable reactions from family and friends. My advice to you is persuading them with the facts. There is an ever-growing body of evidence that homeschool kids are not only intelligent beyond their years, but also well adjusted too. A simple web search for “homeschool statistics” should yield some interesting results for you to present to your doubting circle of family and friends.

And lastly, what if you are a single parent? Or you work? While not the ideal situation, it can still be done if you really want to homeschool. I am a single parent and I go to college full time. I also have a teenage daughter who picks up most of my slack while I’m at school, and I run a very tight schedule during the week. So I find a way to make it work and I always have a plan of everything we will be doing. Homeschooling does not have set hours. In fact I know of several parents who homeschool in the afternoon when they get off of work. You could even homeschool in the evenings if you wanted, or do a marathon learning session on the weekends. It’s your decision and you can do whatever you want as long as you get the required number of hours in a year.

Homeschooling can be either very expensive or very cheap. Most necessary curriculum can be found free on the Internet and your out of pocket expenses will consist mostly of ink for printing them out. I know tons of homeschoolers who use the public library as their curriculum store. If you do have the money to spend, there is no shortage of resources to buy outstanding curriculum on the Internet. Follow my column on “Curriculum through the Ages” and you will get some valuable hints at what is good and what isn’t.

While all these are viable reasons why one might be hesitant to homeschool their children, the thing that should convince you otherwise are not listed above. Those reasons can be found in the local papers everyday when you read articles about teachers molesting children, kids selling drugs, gang activity, murder, rape, and assaults all happening in the public schools around the nation.

Good Luck with your decision and I’ll see you in the next issue!


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