Animal-Aided Therapy

There are several reasons why animals are an important part of our lives. Of course, they are our friends, they are loyal and faithful to us, and they promise us everlasting love and care. But that is not all…their influence in our lives is so great that it is difficult to asses.

Animals in general (not only pets like cats and dogs) can have a strong connection with human beings that knows no limits.

Animals perceive when a person is sad, nervous, or when that person is hiding something. This means that animals have the unique ability to communicate with humans and act upon them when we experience those feelings.

This is why animals are trained to help disabled or handicapped people. The most well known example of animals used for therapeutical purposes is represented by dogs that are trained to help blind persons, or persons with limited mobility.

In addition, animal help can also be beneficial for people with psychological problems. For instance, it has been proved that caressing and interacting with cats has helped persons presenting behavioral problems; this is a very suitable way to relax for hyperactive children or people presenting an aggressive behaviour.

Horses are also very suitable for this kind of therapies, since horses and men maintain a relationship which dates from very ancient times. According to Josep Ferrer Talimé, a famous writer, horses and humans can have a very special relationship. The Templar Knights could communicate with their horses telepathically, which gave them an advantage over their enemies in the battlefield. Thus, while the enemy had to concentrate on controlling their horses, Templar Knights needed not do so.

Another example of animal help is provided by dolphins. Dolphins are sensitive, affectionate animals whose help has proved very successful when treating autistic children.

It would be impossible to provide with a complete list about animals that can help humans with their problems, since every species has their own features that render them unique.

This is why we must love animals and take care of them: not only they are part of the Nature, but also they make us the gift of their unconditional love and support, among other wonderful feelings.

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