Andrew ‘Stinko’ Lewis 16-06-1970 – 18-08-1998 We Salute You Brother

You Were the One – This song is dedicated to the memory of a fallen warrior, Andrew Stinko Lewis, our friend, our comrade, you fought a heroic battle mate, but your mortal soul has been taken from us, words cannot express the sorrow we feel, things will never quite be the same without you, you will always belong in our hearts and through your music, a real Celtic warrior, you truly were the one…..

John from Nemesis played a few Skrewdriver ballads to start off, then a new band called Unit 28 of 16 to 18 year olds from Southampton played about 6 of their own songs for us. This band has two vocalists also!

Then Sniper from Finland played nearly a 2 hour set of their songs and a few covers and everyone was enjoying them so much, I didnt seen more than 5 people leave the room!

Blackout from Wales played a brilliant set from their recent CD, in which all the money goes to Stinko’s family. As Blackout was originally started by Stinko himself whist he was playing for Celtic Warrior.

Then Celtic Warrior played followed by Whitelaw to finish off the evening!

Over £1500 was raised to be given to Stinko’s family. It was also fantastic to see so many younger faces supporting this and even bigger thanks for Unit 28 for proving just what the youth of white Britain can do!

Blood and Honour UK

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