Advice for Teenagers Here are a few tips on leading a clean and respectful life.

1.Respect your parents and never lie or swear to them. Take their advice in most matters, as they will no doubt be right. Also, you never know when you’re going to lose them.

2.Never sit around the house and do nothing. There will be a million and one things you can do to help your mum and dad.; they helped you through this world when you came into to it so do likewise.

3.Try to watch as little TV as possible. Most is trivial, childish, and destructive nonsense we now see in soap – opera’s. Only if it’s an education programme, e.g. about nature or space, should one watch it.

4.Never interrupt another person while they are speaking. It’s rude and they won’t like it. Wait your turn and be patient. It also displays an intellectual side to you.

5.Do not talk with your mouth open. Someone seeing the contents of your food, swirling around your mouth, teeth and gums is not a pretty site. The amount of people that do this is appalling.

6.Clean your nails and brush your teeth. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone with bad breath and dirty nails.

7.Dress immaculate. Never wear track – suits and trainers, unless in the gym or other outdoor pursuits. Clothes make the man as the saying goes; it certainly makes the women. Seeing a well dressed woman is a wonderful sight.

8. Go the gym and don’t be lazy. Fat people are never taken seriously. Also, fat people look bad in whatever clothes they wear. Get the gym and watch what you eat.

9.Read as many books as you can – Education is power.

10.Don’t associate with criminals, losers, and defectives. These types will drag you down to their level. Remember; “Never give a fool a chance, a fool will always shaft you.” You won’t go wrong if you stick to this principle.

11.Never lend anyone money – let them make their own.

12.Don’t talk bad about anyone. Keep your feelings to yourself unless you are asked for an honest opinion.

13.Never forget to say thank you, hello or please.

14.Drive carefully.

15.Don’t waste time being jealous of other people. It’s what you succeed in that’s important.

16.Drink plenty of water and eat raw fruit and veg.

17.Money is a bonus in life, and never let it control you. You’re still the same person with or without it.

18.Don’t trust anyone. Sad but true.

19. Always smile and be happy.

20.Remember this: “There is no security in this life. There is only opportunity”. General Douglas MacArthur

Joe Owens

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