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WAU and Friends present HomeFront a publication geared towards the Racially Conscious Home. We are the driving force behind initiatives and publications that make communities healthier, more vital places to live: celebrating our heritage, promoting positive family life, developing the potential of women, supporting children’s issues and interests, leadership development and more.

With contributors from all over the USA – Europe and other countries throughout the White world – reflecting a wide range of backgrounds, interests and professional pursuits- Homefront Publications works to identify unmet needs and to address current issues facing our Folk. Together we work for positive change and a secure future for our children.

We always need new writers for HomeFront so if you think you can become a productive part of the HF team contact us with your idea’s. We also need tips, idea’s, recipes (with pictures you took), images of your children, information from Dad’s, basically anything you think would be suitable for HomeFront.

We would love to have more Mothers and Fathers on board who Home-school their children, we need as much information as we can get from those who are actually out there and doing it, right now we no longer have Homeschooling Moms or Dad who are part of HF.If you would like to be part of a group of people who have dedicated their free time to building a Folkish Community for all our Aryan Kin then please jump aboard and contact us: wauirehqs@hotmail.com

In Faith, Folk and Good Earth…