A refresher in manners

“Someone once said, that manners make the man.” The reason why we are forbidden by good manners to do certain things is that doing of such things gives pain or causes inconvenience to others. Rules of behavior have been made in order that people may live together in harmony.

At Home

Good manners require that a person be helpful and kind at all times.

Boys, never let your mother carry the groceries in, mow the yard, take out the trash, shovel snow if you can do the work for her. Dry the dishes and put them away so she can finish up her work.

Girls, you can help clean the house, do the laundry, dishes, make the beds and help with meals. Do your work cheerfully; because your mother will not be happy if you are cross and disagreeably.

Do you have good manners at the table? Are you on time at meals or do you come late? When you come to the table, see that your hands, nails and face are clean, and your hair combed. Do not begin to eat until everyone is at the table and served. Never play with your sliver. Do not reach across the table or in front of a person, but ask the person nearest the food to pass it to you.

Always take bread with your fingers, never with your fork. Break your bread into small pieces, and spread just one little piece at a time. Vegetables should be eaten with fork whenever possible. Pie and very soft cake are eaten with a fork. Only babies need spoons for all their food.

When not in use, keep your knife and fork resting side by side on your plate. Do not put them back on the table cloth or allow them to lean against your plate. They are no longer clean.

Close your lips while you are chewing your food. Never talk when your mouth is full. If you do, it is disgusting to others.  If it is necessary to cough or sneeze, turn your head aside and cover your mouth or nose with a handkerchief. Remain seated until all have finished, unless your mother excuses you or unless it is necessary.

At School

Are you proud of your school? Are you doing all that you can to make it a good school? What are you doing to help keep the rooms, hallways, and stairways clean? Do not wait for the janitor to come pick up the paper you see on the floor; make that a part of your own duty to your school.

Keep to the right and pass quickly and quietly. Watch where you are going in order to avoid collisions. Why do the rules of good manners forbid the slamming of doors and lockers, loud talking or noisy running along halls or up and down stairs? To respect others as they are learning.

It is rude to make fun of others’ mistakes. It is unkind to make a boy or girl feel unhappy.

Never borrow books, pencils, erasers, or pens without asking permission. Try to break the hand waving-habit. If you raise your hand while another student is reciting, you interrupt him. Be courteous to your teacher and your classmates.

Play fair. Be a good loser. If you win, be a good sport, too. Both of these things are hard to do at times.

In Public Places

Never chew gum in public places.(restaurants, libraries etc..) Eating on the bus is not well-mannered people. Never manicure your nails in public places, attend to this personal habit at home in private. Loud talking and laughing people will cause people to look at them, roll your eyes. These jigs are rude, disrespectful and do not know their manners.

Keep to the right. Do not push when you are in a crowd. Pushing is rude and does not help. Keep in line at any window and quietly wait your turn.

It is bad manners to handle goods displayed in a store without permission. Be courteous in all your dealings with sales people. Control your temper. Do not let your children run wild and free in retail stores. We are not mestizo’s with a 6-pak of rug rats, we are proud white families.

It is when people forget themselves that they show what they really are. If you haven’t good manners, you will never make a good citizen of our race or role model for your children. Be ever watchful; for people will judge us by what we say and do. Manners must be learned through practice. Men of all ages have valued good manners.

Here are some good slogans to remember.

~The greater the man the greater the courtesy.
~ Eat at your table as you would eat at the table of Odin.
~Good manners always demand that you remember the other person.

Taken From HomeFront Issue No 14 Summer 2012


  1. homefront (Post author)

    Good manners are something we see less and less of with our new generations of children, I am 40 years old and still say please and thank you. A few weeks ago i seen two teenagers put their garbage in a trash can and it took me by surprise because nowadays you see children just throw their garbage where they stand, growing up that was a huge NO! Instill common decency in your children.

  2. Aidhan

    This reminds me of the 1950’s homemaking books my family has from England. May this magazine continue forever or what would do.

    My thanks to the Author.


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