A Girl Should Remember

There are some things that a girl is richer for remembering and the poorer for forgetting. Here they are, and it is possible for most of us to acquire them without much expense; in some instances without any outlay at all.

*Every girl should know how to sew and make dresses.http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_W-tPfvMT88E/R5TMdWulstI/AAAAAAAABL0/byJRfH1xdXA/s400/vintage-woman-sewing.jpg

* To cook and clean.

*To mend her own and the household things.

*To dress neatly and becomingly and daintily.

*To keep a secret and respect confidences.

*To be a self-reliant and not helpless.

*To keep a house tidy and have a place for everything.

*To respect old age.

*To be above gossiping or listening to slander.

*To control her temper.

*To care for the sick and the young.

If she has these accomplishments then she needs not trouble very much if fate has denied her chance of acquiring some other that may be a trifle more fashionable, but are certainly not so delightful and useful.

Published The Southern Cross, April 23rd, 1926.
*The Southern Cross is the newspaper for Irish community in Argentina.

Anybell – Argentina

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