14 Codes of Aryan Ethics

1.   Honor no other Gods but the Gods of your own Folk as alien gods destroy you.

2.   Nature’s Laws evidence the Dihttp://dryicons.com/files/graphics_previews/flowers_and_swirls.jpgvine Plan, as the natural world is the work of All-Father.

3.   Act nobly and courageously, always carefully considering the consequences, as the effects of your deeds live on after you pass from Midgard.

4.   Live within the reality of this life; fear not your fate, as fear is for fools and cowards. A valorous man boldly faces what the Norns decree.

5.   Love, protect, reproduce, and advance your Folk; as natural instinct prohibits miscegenation and self destruction.

6.   Be honest, be disciplined, be productive and loyal to friends, as the Aryan spirit strives for excellence in all things.

7.   Treasure your history, your heritage, and racial identity as your ancestors have entrusted. It falls with you, it will rise with you.

8.   Honor the memory of your kith and kin, especially those who have given their lives or freedom for the Folk, as your race lives on through your blood and your will.

9.   Respect the wisdom of your elders, as every moment of your lives links the infinite past with the infinite future.

10.   Honor your mate, provide for your children, and carry no quarrel with family to sleeptime, as family is your purpose and fulfillment.

11.   May your word to a kinsmen be a Bond of Steel, as your troth is your dignity and strength of character.

12.   Be cunning as the fox with enemies and Skraelings, as their goal is your extinction.

13.   Secure, Defend, and Cherish your homeland as Nature’s Territorial Imperative demands.

14.   Live in harmony with Nature and the Folk, and compromise not with evil; as racial survival is your perpetual struggle.


  1. shiva

    proud to be an aryan…

    we must have more research on aryan… to analyse the aryan and extrat which whould help to make us proud.

  2. Ashley

    I am so honored to be an Aryan woman… Thank the gods everyday…

  3. Paul V.

    It’s called being the better person! It is the path less traveled. Always looking for folks who want to share the same!


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