South Africa Through the Eyes of a White Nationalist

South Africa Through the Eyes of a White Nationalist

by Vex Steele WAU/USA probate

In case your not aware of the situation of our people in South Africa here is a short history lesson.
Once the National Party gained power in 1948 they instituted Apartheid, which was racial segregation. The black population was kept separated from the white population. The black population had no say in government and there was limited contact between whites and blacks. By 1950 inter racial marriage and sexual relations was illegal. In 1991 Apartheid fell and the new constitution took hold in 1994. The African National Congress (ANC) and South Africa’s new leader Nelson Mandela had it’s vengeance upon the whites of South Africa ever since. Many whites were removed from their prominent positions of government. Even within local corporations, whites were “laid off” and replaced with blacks. It has become very difficult for whites to gain employment (possibly reflected in South Africa’s 25% unemployment rate) due to laws that discriminate against hiring of whites. Many whites now live in “Shanty Towns” or squatter camps outside of the cities.
The white farmers are attacked and brutally murdered so often that the world is FINALLY starting to recognize “Hey, I think we have a problem in South Africa…”. In 2010 the ANC youth leader sang a song “Shoot the Boer” which sparked a mob of violence against the white farmers. The murder rate for a white farmer in South Africa is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than the majority population. The murder rate in South Africa is so high it is now considered the top 10 most dangerous counties in the world.
A recent study found that 60% of blacks actually think life was better under white minority rule. The politicians have become so greedy and the government so corrupt that now no one is profiting from black rule (like Zuma being able to use 24 million dollars of taxpayers money to renovate his private estate). According to the human rights organization Genocide Watch, South Africa is at a pre-genocide stage 6 out of 10 (stage of Polarization). But, the worst to suffer are our white race. 1 in 5 whites in South Africa live in poverty. The city of Durban is now the new place for the white race in South Africa. The white population is trying to create this city-state as a white country and a safe haven for whites.

A fellow white nationalist, Robert Magnusson, has lived and worked in South Africa and we decided to ask his opinion and get some facts from someone who has been there first hand.

Vex: When and where were you in South Africa?
Robert: Been back and forth since 1991 for work and for family that still live there. I was mainly in Cape Town for work and My family lives in Free State.

Vex: What personal accounts can you give that you saw of the living and working conditions of whites?
Robert: In the cities whites live in houses or apartments. Most are becoming very run down and are surrounded by crime riddled black areas called townships.

Vex: Did you see the living conditions, like the shanty towns and squatter camps?                                                              Robert: Yes they exist in great numbers.

Vex: Do the locals ever talk about what is happening?
Robert: The citizens that remain from apartheid rule both white and black all agree that everything was better under apartheid. The younger liberal whites disagree.

Vex: The people that were with you in SA, did they have any comments or opinions about the conditions?                                       Robert: Not really some did not like it. Because of my last answer.

Vex: Did you personally experience any racial driven incident while there?                                                                     Robert: I have seen black mobs attacking lone whites at all hours of the day but it’s usually away from the urban areas.

Vex: Does the local news also blackout what is actually happening?
Robert: Of course they do. But the Boer murders and attacks on whites still make the news because it helps fuel the black mobs. The mob violence is what is blacked out most often.

Vex: Did you encounter or see any local programs to aide whites?
Robert: Just a few Nationalist groups that offer help.

Vex: There are many schools that have programs where students visit South Africa. Why do you think no one talks about what they see? Or do you think the program directors go out of their way to only show specific areas?                                                                                   Robert: Oh they only see what they want them to see. Just like any indoctrination method.

Vex: While it is nearly impossible for some people to get work only because they are white, do you think there is anything that can be done to get them out of this bad situation they are in? What can we do from here to help them?
Robert: No the middle class white people are being pushed under the rug only if they go to a completely different area will they have a chance but it’s a small one. Nobody will hire a squatter mostly blacks get the jobs due to favors and cronyism.

With the media blackout on what is actually going on in South Africa there are a couple places you can go for updates, local news and also to help our people there.

South African Family Relief Project
This is a wonderful charity that is always seeking donation to help white families in South Africa.

From their mission statement “WE stand for the SURVIVAL and RIGHTS of our white minority group in South Africa and we pledge to make sure that our work continues in a respectful manner as it has been.”

Radio Free South Africa
A YouTube channel created as a voice for South Africans to tell the truth as to what is going on.

Updates often with local news.

The South African
Local news site

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