Precept 87

Precept 87: In our relationships or interactions, as in all of nature’s laws, to each action there is a reaction. That which we plant will be harvested, if not by ourselves, then by another.

In the Asatru faith we believe in Orlog. According to the Asatru Edda Orlog “The Original Law”, “Fate”, “The Primal Law”. The force or principle, created by the Nornir, which determines what is and what shall become. The first part of this precept speaks of nature’s laws and to each action there is a reaction. My belief in Orlog is what I put in, my actions, in life is what I will get out of life. This is true on an individual level and a group level. We as a group have done a ton of good and have been blessed with a great nation, but our actions in the past century have not been too good for our nation. We have planted some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. Some of the greatest civilizations we have planted were planted of ages old, to name a few, Roman, Germany, England, Greece, Australia and the United States of America. We as a people have planted these civilizations only to have them harvested and destroyed by someone other than ourselves. As we planted these great nations we imported non-white slaves into the mix. As the slaves started to out breed the noble class the majority became the minority, this has happened in every great Aryan civilization. For those of us that need a true history lesson read “March of the Titans. History is repeating itself in Australia, America and every European nation as I write this. All government programs are for the protection of the lowest parts of society, while the parts of society that provide for the lower parts are destroyed with taxes. Once gain this is our hard work being harvested by anther. To see how our hard work is being harvested by another just take a look at the great cities of America. The cities of Detroit, Washington DC, Atlanta, New York and Richmond to list a few. These cities were great technological advances of their time. Now they are great plights. They are the land of high crime, high levels of STDs, drug use and some of the lowest scoring levels of education. The more money we pump into these areas the worse they become. We need to wake up and plant a civilization that will be harvested by ourselves and not destroyed by another.

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