Precept 84

Precept 84: Self discipline is a mark of a higher man.

In order to arm yourself you must train your mind and body and make yourself read, repeat, workout and enhance your entire self and become a strong person founded in what your nature, your natural self shows you is right. What you feel is right. I’ve never been a big speaker or put too much faith into many others. I see a lot of weakness in this world. It’s decent is overwhelming and in prison is a jungle all it’s on

I’m very much a separatist. I still hate just about everything. Haha. But I’ve taught myself most of all the simple stuff I know and I don’t push who I am onto anybody. I in fact don’t want a bunch of fake people around me. I stand alone and have. I only want white men and women around me and I won’t waste me or my people’s self on just anybody and I think I’m right to be this way. Perhaps I am wrong by my outlook on this world, but my position is set in stone and strong. I’m surrounded by ignorance and filth but the 88 is a basis on how to live and a way to find who you are. How to stay strong and see the right path so you don’t get lost in a world filled with bullshit and scum.

The teachings and meaning can be taken many ways in each number and depending on how your asked, your answers can vary. But if you want to grow and be a better person, founded by noble principles and a higher way to live, to become an honorable man or woman in yourself and with your beautiful white race, to be more of the Gods and not of the herd.
Then the best thing you can do is learn, and respect for self and by those you love will follow soon their after.

Honor, Respect and protect your family and your friends

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