Precept 82

Precept 82: Respect must be earned; it cannot be demanded or assumed.

The only way to earn respect is to live by the nine noble virtues. Show those around you who you are, whom you want to be and seen as and that your worthy of their respect. But in order to be seen with any respect, you first have to learn how to be respectful how to live and how to carry yourself.

The 88 teaches that. It shows you how to open your eyes. And if you can see, others will see it in you as well. If you give your word, you stand by it and keep it. You treat those around you with respect and if their worthy as well, they’ll return it with the same.
To lie is to be afraid, cowardliness and deceitful and there is no place for that around me. I tell you who I am and I don’t need or want to be anything more or less. I do not want what you have, I’ll earn what I want or need. And if I owe, I pay or because of who I am, it will ear at my own self conscience until I do.

We as people can always be better, learn from even the lowest people around us and we should never sit and watch as our own are taken advantage of.
So in short, strive to be better and stronger, teach yourself to be honorable and always have your brothers and sisters back. And if a people come for whats yours or just want stay outta your town and way. Send them on their way. In a way they will never forget and when they look in the mirror they will always have their reminder, stay away from white folks….

Honor, Respect and Protect your family and friends


Number 82 of the precepts states one of the simplest facts. Yet it is something we have struggled with since the beginning of time. We all know you can take power. Its been done over and over throughout history. We have proven that we can put fear in the hearts of anyone who opposes our cause. But if we hope to become the chosen leaders and be an example for our people we have to first eanr their respect because true loyalty comes from choice not fear. So like everything in nature we have to find a balance.

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