Precept 73

Precept 73:
Materialism leads men to seek artificial status through wealth or property True social status comes from service to family, race and nation.

Well this one today is everywhere I look from the middle aged to the young. I will not refer to them as Aryan because that is a title that is earned and not just given because their parents or grandparents send them a ton of money and they have more than most. They didn’t’ work and sacrifice to get these things so they have no pride for any of it. If we want our future Aryan warriors to be the leaders they are meant to be we must stop just giving them everything they want just because they want it. We must come together and teach them from the old ways and make them proud of their name, race, folk and family. We are on our last leg here with our race. So grow a pair, learn to say no and tell them to work for it. Their children must not be lost to the new world bullshit. Hard work will not hurt them so lets teach them before its too late.

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