Precept 67

Precept 67: An unarmed or non militant people will be enslaved.

Of course anyone reading the title of this would see why I would pick one of the 88 numbers as one that speaks to arming and defending ones self in preservation of self and your family, your people.
I unfortunately know this because I’ve seen the war upfront and in person. And depending on who your talking to or who’s eyes your looking through, I could be seen as bad and wrong, or understandably surviving a battle in which had no winners.
Either way you see it, I am alive still…so to speak. And would be every time if I went back and did it over.
The reason being, I am born with blood that won’t flow in a weak heart. I cannot bow or give in or up. I won’t wait to be put in a corner before I lash out and start stepping…
If your a passive people whom will not take charge and fight or push back will be taken over and over ruled by anyone who wants what they have or own. Made to bow to false gods and against laws of nature and owned by the stronger force and people at hand.
I see it everyday in prison life. I only concern myself if it involves my white people and those who think as I do or who live a noble life of honor or whom strive to live as such. A worthy man.
Just last week an older man was about to be released after serving his time, 3 years, now this time 7. He’s an old biker and I was raised by bikers. So I deemed him family since I am never going home to my family or kin and I see several in here with me as an extension of my family. So I took it upon myself to assure this man that I had his back. He was nervous and worried and yes, he would fight if I ever needed. A black man and his ignorant black pals thought that they were going to take advantage of this man on his last days and steal his stuff. Unlike the ignorant and other worthless people like them, I’ve worked and earned all I have, or had. And it’s unhonorable to me to steal from my people or just be worthless in general. Ignorant people don’t feel that way. If I’m coming after you, I can come alone and take many down when I come. These ignorant people can’t and they always to to have several before they even go at one smaller person. That’s the way of many in this world.
In order to be free, have what you’ve worked hard for, earned, you have to be strong and grow in mind, body and learn to arm yourself so that if others, any race or religious kind, niggers or even white self righteous hypocrites step up to you and your people, you’ll stand proud and with the knowledge your right and you’ll stand strong, you’ll have the tools needed to overcome on or many and be fearless as well.
The people I spoke of about stealing from that guy, I didn’t wait to see what was going to happen, I was armed with only a liquid magus roller-ball pen and the wanting will to kill if need be and if not. Screw these cowards and weak minded lower race of worthless mindless heard minded monkeys.
As I told the one who apparently started running his mouth; I’ll kill you and anyone else who tries to take anything this guy has because your not just stealing from him, your then stealing from me and I’ll die for whats mine and who’s my family and friend.
But words are only a form of a tool, your body is another form and weapons are yet another as well. To arm yourself and your people to continue your life and progress in it is to do more than pick up a knife or gun. You must first pick up the will to live and grow, the want to not only survive but also become better, smarter and stronger. You must then set your mind on it’s course to learn who you are and where you came from. Find out where it is that you want to go and never give up on getting there.

Honor. Respect. Protect your family and friends

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