Precept 5

The fifth precept, “Secular power systems protect and promote religions, which teach of an afterlife. Thus, people are taught to abandon defenses against predators of this life.”
To me describes one of the many “scare tactics” the government uses to control the masses. This teaching makes man weak and easily controlled in this living world, out of fear of what might happen in the afterlife. The whole teaching of do good now and be rewarded later is ingrained in us from childhood with Christmas and Santa Claus rewarding the kids who behaved and leaving coal for the bad kids.

I think it’s important to break ourselves of this way of thinking and do whats right, here and now to protect our people, regardless of what might happen in the afterlife and not live in fear. Once again to me this is just another example of how a lot of the main stream religious teachings are more about control than the well being of its average person.

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