Precept 31

Precept 31: Instincts are natures perfect mechanism for the survival of each race and species. The human weakness for rationalizing situations for self gratification must not be permitted to interfere with those instincts.

From the beginning when Odin, Vili, Vee walked along our shores and stumbled upon the ash and elm or Ask and Embla and gave us each a part of them. These characteristics not only for our look but our natural instincts. These instincts have helped us survive since then and strive as a powerful people.We have survived through slavery, inquisitions and destruction of what our ancestors built for us. Inside of each and every one of us we have pieces of memory and instincts that have been passed down through our blood.

In the past 150 years a lot of those instincts have been suppressed in almost all of us, some more than others. As time goes on we get further and further from our roots and our instincts get watered down.

Something that was once considered correct and noble, which is bringing your race up is now considered taboo. In today’s society if you say anything about white pride or white anything your a racist. Which is true but it doesn’t mean your a bigot. We don’t have to destroy anyone else to build us and that’s what the Jews and Blacks have done. They have been morally crushing us to the point where everyone is all about themselves. And rationalizing in our minds that it doesn’t matter or that thinking you are more important than the whole is a weakness. If a whole group of Aryan people start showing that its about everyone and that selfish thinking has brought down everything that all those before us lost their lives fighting for.

All the right instincts are in all of us in our subconscious and conscious minds. You don’t have to be scared of public backlash for doing the right thing. STAND UP FOR YOUR FOLK! Don’t lose sight of what is right and wrong in a traditional sense all the answers are deep inside you. And don’t let simple rationalization weaken us any longer.
This is my perception of precept 31. Go back to the basics in every aspect of life. If you truly live by the 88 and the 14, striving for folk and family in everything. Now is the time to start raising our children and explain that the instincts are correct, not wrong as today’s society would have them believe.

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