Precept 1

Precept 1:
Any religion or teaching which denies the natural law of the universe is false.

There are certain immutable truths evidenced in nature. One is everything must earn the right to exist. Nature plays no favorites. The tree must have water and sun to grow. It must also spread its seeds to continue as a species. Animals must eat and breathe to survive. As a species, they must procreate to continue to exist. Eating, procreating and living in general is accomplished through struggle for all species. The lion hunts to eat. All humans used to hunt to eat, to make clothes and sometimes to provide shelter and tools. All animals must struggle to procreate. Females normally mate with what they perceive to be the dominant make. That ensures strength for the future generation. How does one become dominant? Certainly not laying back simply existing.
As seen across the plant and animal kingdoms, everything must earn its right to exist, survive and further its species. From the lowliest virus to the largest whale to the tallest tree back down to the tiniest ant, everything must be determined enough, evolved enough, cunning enough and/or strong enough to survive and advance itself. That is the natural order of things. It has been that way since the beginning of time and will be until the end.
There are very few exceptions to the rule like the dinosaurs who were forced into extinction by an act of nature. Volcanoes, tsunamis, meteors, etc. sometimes things just happen that are exceptions to the rule. Yet, it could be viewed as the natural order of things. The eradication of a superior species to make room for another species to ascend to a higher level of superiority. That school of thought could lead to the idea that nature is cognizant on some level and alluded to by people stating it was their time. Nature plays no favorites.
Our families and folk not only looked to our gods and goddesses for guidance and direction, they also looked to nature. Nature provided them with a kind of blueprint to help survive. Living in and with nature helped provide our people with some of the experience and knowledge necessary to survive, become and always further ones family.
As a race, any teaching that is anti-nature is equal to being anti-white. Religion, the Bedouin Mendacity, teaches us to go against nature and natural law. It insists on not living for the now and for our future generations but to live for a fictional paradise. It insists that the meek will inherit what the strong fought and died for. In insists on turning the other cheek allowing enemies to transgress time and time again. It insists that our women are less than us and that to desire them is wrong. It insists that submission is the key to salvation. Pray and you shall receive instead of working for and earning what you want. Love everyone. Equality. Peace. Decadence. Miscegenation. Each and all are suicidal imperatives. In short, it promotes every natural instinct ordained by nature to preserve and advance ourselves as a species is wrong.
The natural instincts to not only keep us alive as a race but also to further advance us are consistently being suppressed bu anti-white edicts in the forms of alien religions, Hebraic media propaganda and egalitarian policies. The preaching and teachings of this anti-natural rhetoric leveled at those of our race are lies that continue to lead us to the brink of extinction. If they were anything but false, these preaching and teachings, we as a race would be thriving. Only by acknowledging the universal truths and embracing natural law again can we insure our security and advancement of our families, faith and folk.

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