Yuletide thank you’s – Bruders Schweigen support

12351112_1505880293040814_1934300097_nJanuary 3rd 2016 – Blessings to all of you who have continued to support our Bruders. A huge thank you must go out to SCHS QLD, Scott, Aileen and everyone who bought the endless goods we sell and were generous enough to give donations. All up we were able to send all the Bruders an extra $800USD for the Yule/Midsummer period on top of the usual monthly sponsorship, which is an accomplishment as it works out to around $1200 AUD. You guys and gals are awesome and we love you all and I know the Bruder’s are very thankful and 12348476_1505877373041106_480778367_nappreciative of all your support.

Also a big thanks needs to be give to our Adopt  A Bruder sponsors for their continued contributions each and every month. We couldn’t achieve what we do without you all, you guys are truly a blessing. Lets hope 2016 will see us all continuing to work together in showing our support for these men who sacrificed their all for our Folk. After 30 years in ZOG’s Gulags lets show them that 12467730_1512891292339714_1197814562_nthey are not forgotten and that we WILL NOT forget them.

Another big thank you must go out to the guys of the NWHS, who raised another $400USD for all the bruders, at their annual Martyrs Day.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us over the past 12 years with this fundraising. We Salute you all.

brudersIf anyone is wanting to join our Adopt-A-Bruder program and sponsor one of these men, please email us at adopt-a-bruder@davidlane1488.com  and one of our sisters will be in contact with details. 



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