Wotanist Blots for the Southern Hemisphere

imageThe purpose off this dissertation is 3 fold. 1) To inform readers of the time of our blots sacred to Wotanists. 2) To explain the meaning of the blot. 3) We shall give a practical meditation to make the meaning of the blot more personal. Whether you are leading the blot or attending it in a folkish assembly, by empowering yourself with knowledge you will elevate yourself above spectator status and bring yourself to ecumenical communion with our Holy powers. The learned Asatru or Odinist may ask how we may call all our sacred rituals blots when the word blot suggest shedding blood while a Sumbrel is a drinking event. The answer is this. We as Gnostic Wotanists believe that we are celebrating our Gods with the blood of our ancestors which flow through our veins. Wotanism is not meant to be confusing or complicated. In the spirit of our prophet David Wodensson Lane, we demystify rather than mystify. Remember the deep mysteries require personal sacrifice.

Harold Thorsson

Haymoon Blot January 4

With this Blot we honor our spiritual leaders no longer with us on Midgard who preserved our sacred religion.

Suggested meditation: Understand the numerology behind this day by reading David Wodensson Lane’s Hermetic Bible and think on the great sacrifices that our founders endured to bring us the knowledge of our ancient faith.

Freys Blot February 23

This is when Wotanists ponder and reflect upon the fruits of their labor. The God Frey (see Gods of our blood) is the God of fertility and has spent the warmest part of the year spreading his seed and now stands ready to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Golden grain will soon overflow its vessels. The rune Fehu associated with wealth bespeaks of well deserved reward and the rune Year encourages us that our toil has not been in vain.

Suggested meditation: If you have worked hard for something, rest on your laurels today and admire your success. If not, admire the success off others who worked hard this year.

Winter Finding March 22

This Blot is our celebration of the Autumn Equinox and beginning of Winter. Wotan rules this feast as the reaper of the harvest and reaper of our souls; the God of death. Our ancestors only recognized 2 seasons Winter and Summer. At the end of winter begins life, the start of Winter ends it. Wotanists realize that our creator fashioned the cosmos with the seed of life and he endowed it with a means for life to end so it may begin anew. So with this blot we celebrate this eternal cycle.

Suggested meditation: Ponder the deep mysteries that exist beyond the mortal plane. Embrace the destiny and balance brought to us by the reaper of the harvest.

Winter nights. This Blot starts the 2nd Saturday of April. and lasts 1 week.

This blot acknowledges the Disir (which are female ancestoral guardian spirits) and Freyja, the Queen of the Dis. Our ancestors believe that everone is guarded by a female spirit of their ancestors from their time of birth. Wotanists choose to honor the Dis during winter nights and remember mother spirits to help us through our times of trial.

Suggested meditation: Each night light a candle in honor of Freyja and the Disir. Remember the important role of the female as a nurturing spirit.

Ullr’s Blot May 27

Ullr’s blot was practiced on this day to commemorate Ullr taking the throne of Wotan as he goes wandering. During this time agriculture is no longer a pursuit and the wild forces of nature take control. This is a day to celebrate the hunt and the bounty of the hunt. On this day our ancestors would dedicate weapons, visit family and enjoy a rather large feast.

Suggested meditation: There is a time to toil in a controlled steady pace and then there is a time to release wild unbridled frenzy. Call on Ullr for power to catch whatever prey you pursue.

Yuletide Blot June 21

This day marks our winter solstice, the longest night of the year and the sun growing ever stronger as the days grow longer. This important event is celebrated by nearly all cultures as the rebirth of the sun. In Wotanism we are inspired by our sacred lore. In our lore Baldur, the God of the rising sun and the morning star, is betrayed with the use of mistletoe. He abides in Hel for a season and then returns the mistletoe. Having made peace there is again peace on Midgard. Gifts were exchanged between Wotan and Baldur and the Aesir also upon his return. At this time good will is prevalent amongst Kinsfolk.

Suggested meditation: Many of our family may not understand Wotanism but the importance of this day springs forth from our Aryan soul. All who share our blood feel compelled to celebrate and do this with joy and good will. Put up a Yule tree for it represents the tree Yggdrasil. Put a wreath on your door for it represents the ring of troth. When you give gifts you are fulfilling the role of Wotan as wish master on whom Santa Claus was based. Almost all traditions of this Holiday are based on Wotanism.

Thor’s Blot July 18

Also called Snow moon. On Thor’s Blot we find ourselves at the height of storm season. When the wild forces of nature rage, Wotanists view an opposing force we call the God Thor engaging these forces in combat. Our ancestors thrived in conflict. Thor embodies the fierce resolve of our forefathers. So his blots were performed with great revelry and overindulgence.

Suggested meditation: Our knowledge of our Gods and ancestors should be a constant source of comfort and strength in the most challenging or gloomy circumstances.

Vali’s Blot August 14

On this day we honor Vali, Avenger of the Blood. Vali, Wotan’s son, was born for the sole purpose of vengeance. Our noble ancestors knew that no wrong deed should go unpunished or it would be repeated and only righteous revenge can cover our enemie’s sins.

Suggested meditation (unlike Valentine’s day created by commercial profiteers): It is a time to renew vows to those that have wronged our forefathers and kinsfolk and to make pledges of vengeance against those who would denigrate or distort our sacred religion.

Ostara Blot (spring Equinox )Late September first Sunday after Equinox

Wotanists see this as the day of greatest harmony between male and female, the longest day and longest night together. When Baldur and his Bride Nanna walk in Midgard hand in hand, flowers emerge from the steps they take. We envision a time for celebration of the coupling of all our Gods and Goddesses as we also turn our thoughts toward courtship and coupling on this earthly plane. Our ancestors did this with eggs to symbolize the Sun and fertility and rabbits to symbolize sexual virility. Although any lore concerning the specific Goddess Ostara has been stolen from us we may give honor this day to all the holy powers of human fertility.

Suggested meditation: Let us turn our hearts and minds toward the union of the opposite sex and mortal love in its purest form expressed in the second set of the 14 words, “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

Sigurd’s Blot October 19 (Summer Begins)

With this Blot we recognize Sigurd the Volsung. The most significant event of this mortal hero is the slaying of the dragon Fafnir and acquisition the gold that he was guarding. This Blot specifically marks his betrayal and murder by those he loved and trusted most. This earthly event strongly parallels and heralds the future heavenly event of Midsummer.

Suggested meditation: Read the Volsung Saga and ponder the significance of the enchanted gold. What does this gold symbolize? Next ponder Sigurd as the Archetypical betrayed hero.

Frigga’s Blot November 24

Today we enter the carefree days of summer under the protection of the Goddess Frigga. During this time Wotanists remember that Frigga, wife of Wotan, had but one begotten son Baldur, and she had at this time secured the protection of him from all things in the cosmos except the mistletoe. Our ancestors called on her as a shield and hedge against all harm. We celebrate by playing sports, dancing or swimming, climbing or other joyful activities invoking her for our well being.

Suggested meditation: Put your cares aside be immortal for just one day. Ponder the protective forces of the universe that have allowed you to survive during your journey on Midgard.

Midsummer Blot December 21

This Blot is a reverence of Midsummer as the longest day of the year and recognition of the murder of Baldur through deception and betrayal. Wotanists understand that each succeeding day shall wane ever shorter. This a precursor to Ragnarok. However our ancestors regarded this to be a day of joy. At this time they would build great ships, sail great ships, raise barns, settle scores and declare love. Wotanists know of the eternal return. Baldur will emerge from Hel with his bride Nanna and they shall cover the earth with floral beauty.

Suggested meditation:This is not a day of study. It is a day of great deeds. Live this day as if it is your last. Not with melancholy, but with joy and abandon.

Blot Structure

To avoid the appearance of modern Odinism or Asatru we give you this Blot structure for any occasion as a means of keeping our traditions simple so anyone can practice it in orderly fashion to avoid confusion. Both the acting Godi and folk assembly should have a copy.

Opening GODI calls Folk Assembly ( henceforth FA ) to form a circle

GODI: Is the circle complete ?

FA: Here Here !

GODI: Well met! Let us begin with our most sacred 14 Words:

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!”

FA: (respond) “Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth!”

GODI Outside circle starting North to East walking clockwise saying “I give the blessings of Thor” as FA makes Sign Of The Hammer.

GODI GIVES Oratory on the Meaning of the Blot and provides a suggested meditation (the moment of silence).

GODI Calls on God or Gods or other Holy powers relative to Blot. GODI then raises cup and says, “The holy blood of our Gods and Ancestors”. He passes the cup with blessed drink in it from North to east clockwise as each FA drinks (separate cups may be provided).

GODI invites FA to offer toast to Gods or ancestors or person or event worthy of recognition. After toast is offered the one giving the toast says “Hail!” The other Folk respond with a hearty loud “Hail!”

GODI: “Is there one present who wishes to make a pledge of commitment?”

After the commitment is made GODI says, “As the Gods witness today so will it be.” (council never to make a foolish vow or one that may not be kept in the presence of a sacred assembly).

GODI: “Let us end this assembly with our greatest words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!”

FA: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth!”

(All sing a sacred song or listen to one optional)

GODI: “This Blot has ended the Gods be with you.”

Harold Thorsson
Georg Baldursson

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