Women of the Southern Legion – issue 8

Welcome to the 2017 issue of Women of the Southern Legion ezine by WAU Australia. Lots is going on in the world and within WAU, we are happy to be able to share a couple of articles written by Jack van Tongeren, who was the leading figure in the Australian Nationalists Movement (ANM) of the 1980’s. Jack served thirteen years, one month, and six days in prison from 1989 to 2002 for activities carried out by the ANM.

This issue will also look at the disgrace of modern day feminism, survival techniques, raising chickens, natural homemade products as well as some words from Bruders Schweigen member Richard Scutari on Bob Mathews.

With society becoming ever so unstable are you and your family prepared for any emergency? What will you do in a time of crisis? How would you survive? Recently the entire state of South Australia lost all power, this proved disastrous. There were no traffic lights, no petrol stations were able to pump fuel and some places even lost water supply and phone coverage. Now where my family are prepared to be without power for a few days (at least), the trouble I found was that I was at work at the time, a good 43 kilometres from where I live. I was low on fuel and was unable to fill up, but luckily I was able to make it home. This was a great test, for what if I ran out of fuel or if I couldn’t make it home by car, I was ill prepared to walk the distance. What I learnt from this is that we need to prepare, we need to know how to survive when the time comes, whatever that occasion may be.

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