Why Are We Here & Why we Fight?

aryan childrenWhile in part we are here to socialise with people with the same beliefs as ours, where going to gigs, having bbq’s and drinking is all well and good, there is a more important reason as to why we are here and that is the 14 words, We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. The way things currently are, our children have no future, we are obligated to fight to give them the future they so deserve.

In trying to live and fight for the existence of our folk there are sacrifices that we must make, some have given their lives, others their freedom, others have lost almost everything, while others still have had to cut ties with their family & friends. What we need to ask ourselves is “What sacrifice am I willing to make. How much does my beloved White Race mean to me. Where do my loyalties lie and what am I prepared to do?” If you are not willing to make the hard decisions than maybe our cause is not the place for you.

When you go to meet your Gods will you be able to look them proudly in the eye and honestly say “I did all I could to preserve my Folk”.

Our folk need to dedicate themselves to our cause, they need to accentuate their dedication with action.

As a Mother, Wife and Sister I choose to align my loyalties with my beloved white race, I will do whatever I can to help preserve our Folk. I will not dishonour our fallen by showing anything but total loyalty to our cause.

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