White Xmas QLD 2010

Well it started with rain, rained some more, then more again, the Thunder God was in his element. White xmas 2010 has come and gone with a good time had by all. This was the first white xmas that we have had which had bands playing. Queensland is getting a good reputation for having shows, this being the second show held this year, the mighty hammered fesival being the first. It is definitely becoming the State of Hate.
This was a bit more low key than hammered but still went off without a hitch. Unlike the other shows in OZ this year the people started arriving on the day of the show so unfortunately there was no big dinner the night before. But come Saturday afternoon the people who made the trip were ready to go, beers were flowing, cd’s and shirts were quickly dissappearing and old acquainances were being renewed. If you don’t know by now OZ is a massive place and we only get to meet up a couple of times per year so when everyone does catch up there is a lot of catching up to do 2 bands played on the night both an old and new one to the evergrowing movement.


First on and playing there first full gig were newcomers Full of H8, they have only been playing since early this year and apart from playing a couple of songs at Hammered was the first real show they have played.Full of H8 played a good mix of covers and originals,
stormfuhrer by Landser and a version of definate hate’s “welcome to the south” with the lyrics suitably changed to fit where they hail from which may not be the south of Carolinas, Tennesse or Georgia, but the south of Queensland “the Glasshouse mountains to Byron Bay”. Their originals also impressed, Lebs out, Crackablack, Unite and Fight and Full of H8
all went down a treat and show where these guys stand. I have seen these guys at rehearsals a few imes and this was definitely the best I have seen them play. They finished off the set with a Skrewdriver cover of Showdown which left the crowd wanting more. If
these guys keep on playing and improving the way they are they will definitely be playing the bigger shows.
By now the people were all warmed up and wanting more, the poor girl behind the bar was doing a fantastic job keeping up the supply of beer and spirits. At one stage I think I saw a dwarf sitting on Mrs Clause knee but it could have been the heat or the beers or a mixture of both. If anyone has a picture of it let me know.
Next up and playing there first ever complete show in Queensland were old crowd favourites Open Season. They started off with a newer song called Kommando and any simmilarity with the older stuff dissappeared there. They are heavier tighter band then they have ever been, sounding more like Motorhead than early No Remorse. This does not mean that they have changed that much lyrically, new  songs like We ain’t playin’, Bloodlust and Payback went down well with the older songs that everyone knows and were singing along too like Kill the Poofs, It’s Time and Southern Comfort. There new guitarist is a guitar monster. They are definitely a different band to the one that first cmae back for ISD in 2009. They are currently recording there new album and from the songs they played tonight sounds like it is gonna be great. They finished the night with Frontline Fighters which was sung by one of the infamous 872 Crew who had made the trip North and was backed up by some of the NSW Crew.


Overall a good night was had by all and special thanks must go to B&H Qld and the SCHS for organising a great night, also to both Full of H8 and Open Season for playing. Bring on “Hammered II”.

PS if anyone does have that picture please let us know

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