White genocide in South Africa

We, at WAU Australia, being concerned over what is happening to the White inhabitants in present day South Africa have compiled a few articles.

south africa murders

1: White Genocide in South Africa – A look at the overall state of what is happening to whites in South Africa

2: Interview with Paul Fromm – conducted soon after his fact finding mission to South Africa

3: Afriforum Perth 2015 – reality of the farm murders in South Africa


Below are only a few stories from the thousands that can be found in the book, Land Of Sorrow – 20 years of Farm attacks in South Africa

  • 2010 – 3 year old Willemien Potgieter was shot to death and her parents slaughtered., Attie (40) & Wilna (36)
  • 2009 – Murder victim Martin (Tienie) Jacobs (65) tied up ‘like a dog’ and strangled to death, along with his gardener
  • 2008 – Axe victim Ms Charmaine Pienaar (18) left next to mother’s (Heila 41) body for hours – A young woman lay helpless in a pool of blood next to her murdered mother’s body; fighting for her life after being attacked with an axe
  • 2007 – Lynette Oosthulizen (63) was strangled and thrown off cliff
  • 2006 – Family tortured and husband Mr Frans Pieters (44) strangled with shoe lace in front of his wife and two minor members of the family
  • 2005 – Farmer ‘executed’ on farm, Mr Hennie van Vuuren (53), shot in forehead and his wife, Celia (53) shot in cold blood in garden



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