Women for Aryan Unity was founded in 1990 in the USA. In 1991 WAU was given a ‘new lease of life’ when it moved to Ireland. A WAU headquarters now doesn’t exist as each country is fully controlled by the sisters in that country.

Our next chapter emerged in 1992 in Australia, and we now have several chapters throughout the white world, all working together in an active and positive way to ensure the survival of our great race.


WAU Australia produced its first magazine ‘Women of The Southern Legion ‘ with issue 1 in November 1999 , followed by several more issues over the next few years. The magazines were produced with the aim of informing like-minded women and men on various topics relevant to our people and culture, some regular topics included Celtic Tales, Health & Fitness, Poetry and Women of Aryan History, as well as Self Defence, Aromatherapy and Australian Recipes. WOSL has not been produced since 2003 due to some members having other commitments as well as moving overseas but we hope to get it back up and running soon, most probably online and not in print.


All WAU chapters work with and support each other 100% in our common goal to unite like-minded Aryan women throughout the world. We are in regular contact with each other, corresponding progress reports and any new literature or information we have received or produced. We are, and strive to continue to be, the strongest, united female organisation working to better our people. WAU chapters also stay in contact with those who believe in our goals and support our work.

For Faith, Folk and Family
WAU Australia


United under the banner of folkish ideals and preservation