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YuleTide Blessings from WAU Australia

Yule tree 008 copySince the beginning of time, we have gathered in this season to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun. The sun will be born again from the darkest of nights and a new yearly cycle will begin. We are thankful for all of the blessings … Continue Reading ››

David Eden Lane 2015 Australian Memorial

imageOn the 16th May WAU Australia along with some close friends held a memorial to celebrate the life and honour the memory of our friend and teacher David Eden Lane. IMG_2266 Continue Reading ››

Why Are We Here & Why we Fight?

aryan childrenWhile in part we are here to socialise with people with the same beliefs as ours, where going to gigs, having bbq’s and drinking is all well and good, there is a more important reason as to why we are here and that is the 14 words, … Continue Reading ››

Items For Sale – Support us to Support our Folk

We at WAU Australia have some items for sale, all proceeds go towards our many projects to help support our Folk. If there is anything you are interested in please contact us directly at wau_southoz@Hotmail.com, we also welcome any donations :) All cds $10 each + postage. imageThe Order insignia, … Continue Reading ››