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"Dear T.... -- Gruss Gott: I received money on my account the other day from S.... and thought I would drop you both a letter and say "Thank You!" 😄 What a blessing you all have been for me. Actually, WAU in one form or another with different Sisters at the helm have been a … Continue Reading ››

In honour of David Lane

pizap.com14646138942425Saturday May 28th 2016 marked 9 years since David Lane ascended into the halls of our Gods. From around the world, in Australia, Ireland, America, Italy & Norway, we all spared a few moments out of our day to honour David in our own way. David Lane was … Continue Reading ››

How did we lose our way?

13330937_255308134825926_1846415105697926920_nOur folk come from a collective orientation where the clan was more important than the individual; we valued our past and worshiped our ancestors and those that had passed. We had strong kinship bonds and to give our word was a sacred contract; to … Continue Reading ››

WAU Remembers Unity Valkyrie Mitford

Unity Valkyrie Mitford - 8 August 1914 - 28 May 1948 unity M Unity Valkyrie Mitford was conceived in the town of Swastika, Ontario Canada and born on 8-8-1914 in London England, into an unconventional British aristocratic family. She became a fervent supporter and admirer of Adolf Hitler. When … Continue Reading ››

Yuletide Australia

  We will be hosting a Blot and Sumbel on Saturday 18th June for the Winter Solstice (Yule); we will honour the beginning of Sunna's return and the breaking of winter.  This will be a family friendly event and as such only people known to us will be welcome. yule blot2  

Remembering Dresden – Never Forgive, Never Forget!

  February 13 th 1945, saw the destruction of Dresden by Allied forces, they were never brought to justice for the war crimes they committed. Never Forgive, Never Forget! dresden To learn the truth about the so called "good" war and the atrocities committed by the Allies against the German … Continue Reading ››

2015 Family in Need Fundraiser – UPDATE

Baby operation copyBaby V, the bravest, strongest little warrior we know.   After quite a few months delay, this operation was meant to go ahead in May 2015, baby V's parents got the go ahead for … Continue Reading ››

Greek Word Studies for Christian Separatists by David Tate

David has sent me some information he wanted to share on a project his church is working on: Greek Word Studies for Christian Separatists. You can read what he has written here.David 2015

Bruders Schweigen need your support!

imageA race must honor above all earthly things, those who have given their lives or freedom for the preservation of the folk - David Lane I received a letter from Gary today, where his letters inspire me they also bring me much sorrow to think of this proud, … Continue Reading ››

Sisters working together for a better future!

woman_and_bannerSisters working together for a better future! Being a woman is a very tough job. We are usually forced to mesh both warrior and mother into one. Many types of women past and present have made our roles in today’s society unique. We are labeled as many … Continue Reading ››