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Equinox Raffle aftermath & thank yous

Firstly a big thank you to all who bought tickets in our Equinox raffle for our imprisoned Folk. We raised a total of $389USD which was sent to one of our sisters in America to send on to the Bruders.  After the outrageous cost of postage on prizes which was a staggering $82.90USD with insurance, … Continue Reading ››

Ostara Fundraiser Thank You’s and aftermath

WAU Australia would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have provided financial support for our  Ostara Fundraiser.  We managed to raise $900 which equates to 8700 SA Rand for the SAFRP, and money will be used to help the 42 White children living in a squatter camp in South Africa. … Continue Reading ››

Ostara Fundraiser

Ostara fundraiser With the coming of Ostara in the Southern Hemisphere and the start of new beginnings, we at WAU Australia are undertaking a fundraiser for our suffering Folk in South Africa. We will be holding a raffle and will also welcome any and all donations with all … Continue Reading ››