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Ravens Caw

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How did we lose our way?

13330937_255308134825926_1846415105697926920_nOur folk come from a collective orientation where the clan was more important than the individual; we valued our past and worshiped our ancestors and those that had passed. We had strong kinship bonds and to give our word was a sacred contract; to … Continue Reading ››

Ostara Fundraiser

Ostara fundraiser With the coming of Ostara in the Southern Hemisphere and the start of new beginnings, we at WAU Australia are undertaking a fundraiser for our suffering Folk in South Africa. We will be holding a raffle and will also welcome any and all donations with all … Continue Reading ››

Why Are We Here & Why we Fight?

aryan childrenWhile in part we are here to socialise with people with the same beliefs as ours, where going to gigs, having bbq’s and drinking is all well and good, there is a more important reason as to why we are here and that is the 14 words, … Continue Reading ››