Robert Jay Mathews – A Vanguard of promise

bob-memoryOn the 8th December 2016, will see 32 years since Bob Mathews ascended into the halls of Valhalla. Bob exhibited both qualities of the lightening & the sun; his was a power harnessed for a life-affirming purpose and he sought to fight the decay of this world using whatever methods necessary to achieve a Golden Age state of existence. He truly was “A Man Against Time”.

Where we never had the honour of knowing Bob personally, we have the honour of knowing his Bruders; men so genuine, sincere and honourable, men who give us the courage and inspiration to continue to fight for a future for our Folk; men who to this day, after serving 32 years in ZOGs Gulags still speak about Bob with the upmost admiration, love and pride in having stood by his side.

bob-drawing-2“Bob was a charming and sincere man. To know Robert Mathews was to know a man who was genuine, without deceit, whose personal sense of honesty was unfeigned and uncontrived…..Robert Mathews was a natural leader, and no one else could have ever taken his place….Robert Mathews had an absolute dedication to The Cause and creating a future for White children, and he put his life into it.” David Tate.




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