Remembering Robert J. Mathews

On The 8th December 1984 we lost one of the greatest beacons of hope the white race had seen in a long time. Bob Mathews truly was a man against time. #HailTheOrder #DefeatNeverVictoryForever #ManAgainstTime #HailBobMathews



NWHS Martyr Day 2015
NWHS Martyr Day 2015

Ode to Bob Mathews

It was on the eighth day of December
In nineteen eighty-four.
A full moon witnessed to the deed
On the nation’s western shore.

SCHS martyr day
SCHS Martyr Day QLD 2015

Bob Mathews made his final stand,
He vowed he’d run no more.
He loaded his gun and spit in the eye
Of the Jews and their federal whore.

The blood of Leonidas,
And Custer and Stonewall, too,
Ran strong in the veins of this White man,
To their memory he was true.

Two weeks before in Portland town,
They’d tried to lay a snare,
Thirty-five of the federal dogs,
Bob Mathews whipped ’em there.

So, they rounded up an army
Of maggots and faggots and reds,
Race traitors and cowards and jackals,
And other kinds of feds.

The Jews had given the orders.
Race traitors would obey.
By the hundreds they came to murder
The greatest White man of his day.

They brought helicopter gunships,
And their army did deploy.
They thought they’d break the spirit,
Of this fearless rebel boy.

But even as they poured their fire
Through barricaded doors,
His bullets whistled by the heads
Of treasonous federal whores.

The gunships felt his bullets first
And quickly flew away.
For thirty-six hours, a day and a half,
He held the dogs at bay.

With tear gas next they filled the house,
Twice broke inside the doors.
But rapid fire soon drove out
The devil’s federal whores.

They knew they’d met their match,
So they set the house on fire.
And soon the flames touched the sky,
A Viking funeral pyre.

White brother how I miss you.
Who can take your place,
As the leader of the army
That fights to save our race?

As you march through fair Valhalla,
Asgard’s mighty hall,
Number one among the Vikings,
I can hear you call:
“Arise you Aryan Warriors,
I’ve shown you how to fight!
You owe it to my children,
To battle for the right.”

-David Lane

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