Ostara Fundraiser/Raffle

Ostara fundraiserWith the coming of Ostara in the Southern Hemisphere and the start of new beginnings, we at WAU Australia are undertaking a fundraiser for our suffering Folk in South Africa. We will be holding a raffle and will also welcome any and all donations with all proceeds going directly to the South African Family Relief Project, who work tirelessly to help our disadvantaged Folk in SA. With over 800,000 White families and children living in homeless camps, due to the 119 Racist BEE laws that are forcing Whites out of the job market and out of their homes, they need all the support they can get from our Folk.

Ostara is a celebration of hope and renewal and our Folk in South Africa are in need of both. Let’s help them to break the chains of oppression and bring some balance into their lives.

There will be two prizes consisting of a hand carving of Thor and a wood burning of Odin with Hugin & Munin both made by Heathen artists. Tickets will be $5 each or 3 for $10 and the raffle will be drawn on Saturday 19th September. This raffle is open to all worldwide with free shipping on all prizes.image

For information on how to purchase tickets or make a donation please email wau_southoz@hotmail.com

“We have established a chain of helping hands that will grow ever stronger, because that is what our love for our people requires!” – Gertrud Scholtz Klink

We (WAU) are not associated in any way with the good people at SAFRP, we admire their work and feel that it is our duty to help our Folk in need, wherever they may be in the world.


raffle wrap up can be read here

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