Natural Acne Treatments for Teenagers

One of the most significant problems for teenagers these days is having to deal with acne, which appears around this age and can last throughout their whole teenage life.

The problem becomes more serious because at this stage kids give great importance to their physical appearance and what others think of them.

They see a small pimple on their face as the worst blemish in the world.

These days acne treatments are not cheap and range anywhere between $20 to $40 a bottle. Also many of these treatments do have harsh chemicals in them and many people do suffer from allergic reactions.

There are heaps of natural remedies out there, that you can experiment with which are very cheap. If you look in the refrigerator or pantry in your kitchen, it’s very likely that you will find the ingredients there.

Here are some natural remedies that I know of and have tried;


1. Oats mask:

Buy just an ordinary bag of oats (can be any brand), then cook the oats normally in a pot and apply as a mask for 15 minutes.

It’s as easy as that! Repeat this every two weeks until the acne as cleared up!

2. Bay Leaves and Water:**

Crush a handful of bay leaves and soak in a cup of water. Let stand for one day. Than apply to face with a cotton bud.

3. Lemon Juice:**

In a bowl, add equal parts of rose water and lemon juice. Apply the mixture with a cotton bud, leave on for half an hour. Wash your face. Repeat every two weeks.

4. Strawberry mask:

It is a well known fact that strawberries are high in “salicylic acid”- this is the active ingredient in many commercial anti-acne creams.

First mash some strawberries and apply as a mask. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash.

5. Apple cider & Vinegar:**

First wash your face with neutral soap and dry. Apply apple cider and vinegar with a cotton bud.

6. Garlic and milk:

Cut garlic into pieces and soak for half an hour in a cup with milk. Remove the garlic pieces and rub the affected area with them.

** Acknowledgements to “Dr Wright’s Family Medical Guide” 

 Golden Press 1995 

 WAU Australia

3 thoughts on “Natural Acne Treatments for Teenagers”

  1. Nice!! Great remedies.I remember when I had acne and summers were the worst time for me because my skin was much oilier in the summer months than in other seasons. However, here are a few things I did to control this oiliness and help me prevent breakouts:
    1. I used a stronger cleanser just for the summer as the one I normally use wasn’t strong enough to control the grease in summer. Similarly, if you use moisturizers during the winter, you might want use them less or use a lighter moisturizer if you already have oily skin.
    2. Some obvious stuff – drink plenty of water, avoid greasy cosmetics and stress.
    3. You can read more about the products to be usedfor acne problem at, they have some good articles about acne treatment too.

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