Hugin-Munin Children’s ezine


Our children are becoming culturally bankrupt and homeless in terms of ethnic identity. We need to allocate the time to teach our children about their cultural heritage so that they may be able to pass it over to the next generation. Therefore WAU Australia are pleased to announce our new publication Hugin – Munin. This ezine is aimed at teaching our children about their culture and heritage in the hope it will help awaken their folk-soul. Each issue we will explore different parts of our white heritage.

kids zine
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Issue 1 is Viking Vagabond and is based on the Vikings and is full of interesting facts, games and activities to do with Viking life. To download your free copy click here.

Celtic Thunder draft
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Issue 2 is Keltic Thunder and looks at the world of the ancient Celts. It is full of interesting facts, stories and activities to do with Celtic life. You can download your free copy here.


United under the banner of folkish ideals and preservation