ISD 2012 review

It was that time of the year again. One of the most celebrated events on the White Nationalist’s calendar!  It was to time to honour and celebrate the life of Ian Stuart Donaldson at Melbourne’s annual ISD concert organized by Blood and Honour Australia.

After having such a successful concert up in Brisbane 5 months prior, I think I speak for everyone when I say everybody was looking forward to this one.

This year we had everybody’s two favourite Aussie Bands, Open Season and my favourite Ravenous. However this year everybody was in for a real treat with the Commie knockers coming out of hiding and putting on one of the best shows any of us had seen.

It was a cold miserable (typical day) in Melbourne as all the Interstaters- and one very much loved Kiwi, made their ways to this time a very pleasant hotel. I don’t think there was one complaint about this one, it was an actual winner!

Once everyone was together there was no way the cold blistering wind and rain would dampen our spirits, we were all too excited to finally get to see our brothers and sisters.

Rather than having our traditional pre ISD dinner, we all made our way to the local RSL club to have a big catch up lunch, as we waited for the last of the guests to arrive. As the night progressed half of us called it a night in order to be ready for what promised to be a big day, and the other half got up to harmless shenanigans.

As most of us were all rested up well there were hardly any hangovers this year, so as all the boys decided what they were doing for the day, us girls jumped in the car and went shopping for the day- even if 3 hours later we realized we were at the wrong shopping centre.

We made our way back to the hotel after a fun day of girly catch up time; we were all excited that gig time was almost upon us again.

This year us WAU Australia girls had a mission that we really wanted to achieve. This year we were raising money for one of our P.O.W’s to finally be reunited with his beautiful wife on their third wedding anniversary. It was something we felt so passionately about so we were very excited to get out there and raise some money. We were also trying to promote and raise awareness of our Adopt a Bruder Program, selling “Free the Order” t-shirts- which thanks to one of our persistent sisters had sold all of them even before the gig!

We also had a raffle going, with a book written by David Lane as our number one prize, which seemed to get everybody’s attention- we had pretty much sold all our raffle tickets before the first band even started to get ready to perform! We also had some very beautiful hair clips and jewellery that another very talented WAU sister had made from hand. They proved to be a very big hit along with her delicious rum balls and rocky road.

With our very successful efforts in some hardcore fundraising, it was time to let our hair down and join in on the celebrations.

Ravenous were first up this year and like always lived up to their reputation of their upbeat energetic stage presence! They belted out some of their famous catchy songs and had everyone up and dancing.

Next up was the Commieknockers. As we all waited to finally see them in action, we were greeted with a tune we had never heard at a gig before. As a Communist marching tune blasted through the speakers, all four band members came marching out in the famous Communist attire of Che Guevara which included a jumpsuit, wig and even the aviators. This sure did get the crowd all fired up and ready for one hell of a set. They did not disappoint covering some of the most well known RAC songs. With hits including “Showdown” by Skrewdriver and Aussie favourites “Commie Scum and Hail Rock n Roll” by Fortress.

With everyone all pumped up from the Commieknocker s we were ready to end the gig on a high note with hard rockers Open Season.

Open Season powered through their set playing some crowd favourites and treated us to some of the very catchy songs from their new album “Behind Enemy Lines”. They were a crowd favourite with every one chanting “one more” after they had finished their set.  It was the perfect way to end the night.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to Blood and Honour Australia for putting in the hard efforts for a very successful concert, and to everybody else who made it happen. – The Southern Cross Hammerskins and Crew 38.

Also a huge warm thank you to everyone who supported us girls of WAU Australia helping us to achieve an enormous amount of money raised for our POW’s.

Lastly- to everyone who travelled Interstate, who continue to do so every year. Thank you for always putting in the effort without you guys there would be no show.


Sammy- WAU Australia.

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