How did we lose our way?

13330937_255308134825926_1846415105697926920_nOur folk come from a collective orientation where the clan was more important than the individual; we valued our past and worshiped our ancestors and those that had passed. We had strong kinship bonds and to give our word was a sacred contract; to break it was seen as shameful and dishonourable . We respected nature and we honoured our Gods.

When did we become so materialistic, where our only concern is for ourselves, the individual, where we now believe that the most important intrinsic good is that of our own pleasure. We as a people have become unapologetically passive; we tolerate people and ideologies that are openly hostile towards us without complaint, even to the extent where we go out of our way to fight for their right to do so.

Our people are dying, being wiped out and most of us don’t even realise, don’t even care, as they are too absorbed in themselves.

What about the rights of our people, what about our future? We need to throw aside this worship of an Alien God, who commands us to be tolerant, to be accepting. We need to make a return to our own Ethnic religion, regain our Folksoul, our identity, and follow the first rule of nature, the preservation of our own kind. To once again value our people and preserve our culture, and above all else take the side of and stand up for them, fight for them.


One thought on “How did we lose our way?”

  1. Excellent piece, collectively our people are committing suicide, a suicide enabled by the propaganda of our enemy and absorbed in the befuddled, perverted thinking of a folk lost in a mire of materialism, Semitic religious theory and the lie of equalitarianism.

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