Interview with Paul Fromm on White Genocide in South Africa


This is an Interview with Paul Fromm, who has recently returned from a fact finding trip to South Africa. Paul Fromm heads the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee and the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Canada’s leading defender of free speech. He has battled Canada’s Internet censors and supported political prisoners Ernst Zundel and David Irving. His free speech work has made him the object of arson and death threats from the ARA, who staged a protest in August, 2006, outside his Port Credit home. As part of state pay-back for his free speech work, he is routinely hassled by Canada Customs, has had books, including Irish Fairy Tales, seized. In October, 2006, Customs seized his laptop on suspicion of containing “hate.”

An author and former English instructor, Mr Fromm was fired from his position by the Peel Board of Education in 1997, after years of pressure from Jewish lobby groups who hated his support for victims of censorship and his opposition to the Third World invasion of Canada.


1. Hello Paul, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I was an English instructor for 24 years. In 1997, I was fired, despite being hailed as an “exemplary teacher” by a former Director of Education. My crimes were my political activities outside of school hours on my own time. Six years of pressure by the Canadian Jewish Congress finally resulted in my being fired for showing “contempt for multiculturalism and ethno cultural equity” which are “core values of our education system.” [Silly me, I had thought literacy, numeracy, computer competence and scientific competence were “core values.] They were furious at me for my opposition to the Third World immigration invasion of my country and my defence of the victims of our thought crimes legislation.

I saw our education system deteriorate. Most evil was the mental abuse of our young folks that resulted from inculcating “low self-esteem.” Europeans were presented as having ripped off technology from others [the Chinese, especially] despite the fact that 90% of scientific inventions were made by Whites. We were accused of having holocausted the Jews, enslaved the Blacks, decimated the native Indians and having raped the environment. No wonder many young Whites have no knowledge of and, therefore, no pride in their heritage and Race. :)

We have a lot to do.

2. Can you tell us about the reasons behind your recent trip to South Africa?

I was asked by the American Freedom Party of which I am an international director to do an investigative study of the plight of Whites in South Africa. Whites are the victims of an ongoing low-level campaign of genocide to kill them or drive them out of THEIR land. Whites settled South Africa, a virtually empty land in the 17th century, at the same time as the various Bantu tribes migrated south from what is now Kenya and Tanzania. The Afrikaners are the White tribe of Africa.

3. How are the ANC’s Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws affecting the white citizens, what does this mean for them?

The ANC’s BEE plan insists any business doing business with the government or government bodies must be BEE compliant. That means at least 70 per cent of their employees must be Negroes AND their suppliers must also be BEE compliant. Whites, especially White males are being frozen out of the job market and reduced to poverty. Businesses and government cannot get the qualified White employees they need, whilst many incompetent Negroes are hired. The result is mass corruption and inefficiency and a deteriorating infrastructure. Most of South Africa experiences 2-4 hours a day of “load sharing” — a cute euphemism for power black outs.

4. What did you witness over there, what conditions are the poor Whites in South Africa living in?

Paul Fromm with children in a church camp for homeless Whites

Thousands of Whites are so poor that they have become homeless. I visited a number of homeless camps. It was pitiful to see Whites poor and in bad health cared for by churches or kind South Africans like the privately funded South Africa Family Relief group.

5. What type of assistance do the poor white families receive?

Charities or shelters devoted to Whites get nothing from the government. Charities must be BEE compliant; that is, give mostly to Negroes. It is outright racist anti-White discrimination.

6. I know there is a group over there that helps to support the poor white families, South African Family Relief Project. Did you meet any of these people and how are they assisting?
I met and worked closely with this group. Here are some further observations.

Whites, including 40 children, live in makeshift tin and wooden huts.

Leigh Oxley Du Preez, hundreds of miles away in Durban, works her e-mail and phone list of volunteers. Within a half hour, she locates a volunteer in Pretoria who will pick up the nebulizer from a pharmacy and drive 30 miles to deliver it to the desperate mother.
Leigh heads the South African Family Relief Project, which has over 7,000 supporters on its Facebook page. Her group, barely a year old, brings food, clothes, medicine, household goods and toys to thousands of Whites who are destitute and homeless, living in what might be called squatter camps.

On the way to a shelter run by a Pentecostal minister, Leigh’s cell phone rings again. The caller is another White mother. Her five children haven’t eaten in two days. The mother, father and two of the five beautiful blonde children have AIDS. The father is too sick to work. The family lives on a friend’s porch. The woman is stressed and at her wits’ end. Leigh gently reminds her to get in touch before the food runs out. She calls and finds a volunteer in the city, Pietmaritzburg, who will go and deliver some food. “You can’t let the children go hungry,” Leigh says half to the woman, half to me.

7. Daily on Social Media I read about another White South African murdered, raped or attacked in some way by Blacks, but we never hear about this in our media. How bad is it for the Whites over there, how much fear do these people live with, how do they try to defend themselves and their homes?

Every White I met had personal experiences of Negro violence — rape, burglary, assault and even murder of a friend. Since South Africa was handed over to the South African Communist Party and its ally the African National Congress, 70,000 Whites have been murdered, including more than 5,000 White farmers. South Africa has the highest murder rate in the world. Negro violence is out of control. Large numbers of Negroes are raped or murdered. The belief that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS, which is rampant, means that many Negro children, some as young as 18 months are raped. There are twice as many people employed by private security firms as there are members of the police and armed forces. South Africa is more dangerous than many areas of Iraq!

8. How are we able to help these people, besides monetary assistance, is there a way that we can raise awareness to our Governments or media about the plight of these white families?

We must publicize the fate of our fellow Whites and urge churches and other groups to raise money to help them. We should also demand, as an online petition does, that Whites in South Africa, South West Africa (Namibia) and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) be granted the right to return to their tribal homelands in Europe, as Jews anywhere in the world have the right to return to Israel.

9. What kind of future do you see for our Folk in South Africa?

I see a grim future for Whites in South Africa, unless they can carve out, as many hope to do, their own independent homeland.

10. With Mass Immigration happening in all White countries of the world, what kind of outlook do you see for our countries? Can you see us succumbing to the masses and eventually becoming as disadvantaged as our people of South Africa?

Whites were once a majority in South Africa. Their percentage of the population has dwindled from 20 per cent 40 years ago to less than 10 per cent today. The warning for us is grim. If we do not stop the Third World invasion of North America, Europe and Australia, we shall end up like White South Africans. Numbers are everything. When the Third Worlders become a majority, they will seize power and jobs for themselves. There will be no “affirmative action” for the White minority. Cultural Marxism has hopped up Negroes in South Africa and non-Whites everywhere with a sense of entitlement and hatred of Whites for, supposedly, exploiting them and abusing them. In fact, due to savagery and disease, Blacks were a relatively sparse population in Africa. Massive foreign aid and Western medicine have allowed Negro populations to explode.

11. I hear you are writing a book about the White plight in South Africa, can you tell the readers what we can expect to see in this book and when do you expect it’s release and where will we be able to buy a copy?

I hope to have my book on South Africa published by this fall. It is vital to get this message out immediately. For copies, people can contact me at

12. Thankyou Paul for taking the time to do this interview with us and to speak to our readers about the situation in South Africa, I look forward to reading your book. Do you have any final words you would like to share with our readers?

I want to compliment WAU for its fine work to support our people.

United under the banner of folkish ideals and preservation