WAU Supporter t-shirts

We still have a few of these supporter t-shirts available for sale in sizes medium & large. These are the last in this batch of shirts & will not be re-printed so get in quick before they’re gone forever. Please contact wau_southoz@hotmail.com for more details.


5 thoughts on “WAU Supporter t-shirts”

  1. Racial Greetings
    Cheers and a salute goes out to WAU didnt no they were still around is there WAU in the usa if so are they still active do they have a website please add me to your mailing list It would be an honor to support you in anyway I can Racial Regards

  2. had no idea “wau” was still active. unreal gr88 stuff. please add me to your mailing list. will be intrested in tshirts etc and being an active supporter in any way i can. 1488

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