Fundraiser Oct 2011

Thors Hammer Hair Clips

Over the weekend of the Annual Blood & Honour ISD Memorial Concert, the women of WAU Australia were busy raising funds. With Thors Hammer hair clips and other jewellery up for sale, which was made by one of our own WAU sisters, FFF Silicon Bracelets, various items up for raffle, numerous people offering donations as well as our American Sister from Crew38 offering funds raised from selling belt buckles,  we all up were able to raise over $1300 to go towards helping with the legal expenses of one of our Hammerskin brothers who has been stitched up on a bogus Hate Crime charge. A huge thank you to all who participated in buying jewellry, raffle tickets and donating your hard earned cash.  We Salute You.

For Faith, Folk & Family

Raffle 3rd Prize
Raffle 1st Prize
Raffle 2nd Prize


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