Afriforum forum Perth 2015

Rhiannon recently (June 2015) attended a forum held by Afriforum in Perth, Western Australia on the Reality of Farm Murders in South Africa, some of the facts and statistics that she brought away from this forum are listed below.

Reality of farm murders in South Africa

What is happening?

Eight stages of Genocide.

Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, Founder of genocide watch
Stanton has been comparing the history of genocides in the 20th century and has come up with these Eight stages that occur with this issue. He has said that the White South African population is at its Fifth stage of the Eight.. saying that this is more of a process than an act.

The Commando system existed since the 1770s It was referred to as area protection, a system that involved the whole community. The Commando system was responsible for the safety and security of their own communities. In 2003 the commando system was shut down for no reason spokesman Armiston Watson said The disbanding of commandos (announced by the government in 2003) was an irresponsible political move which now leaves all farmers and farm workers defenceless and easy targets for criminals.

When a big spike arose with farm attacks the government stopped all talk about this issue.

There has been 3,400 attacks since 1990.
1,745 of these people have names and have been put into a database that have been verified by police and family.

There are some cases that have proved to be true
some examples of the brutality in these cases

A man had a samurai sword pushed down his throat during an attack. He survived with internal injuries. Pleading to police and family he does not want to live anymore.
Another case a man stabbed 151 times with garden forks and shovels, He was pulled from his own car whilst his child and wife witnessed this horrible scene. the child was thrown in a box and shot with her fathers blood on her feet.
You can find more examples of these murders from the book called ” Land of sorrow” 20 years of farm attacks in South Africa
Why is this happening?

This is happening due to the lack of education and poverty of the black South Africans and most importantly its happening because this is a strict case of black on white crime but no one seems to admit this. The blacks do not inhabit the farms after they have tortured and killed the farmer and his family they leave with whatever they may find not batting an eyelash.

Farmers are made out to be the guilty party by them claiming they are taking all the jobs when in fact they are creating them and producing food to feed the country.

Who is making these attacks are Black South African citizens
An average 4-7 people per attack.
Between the ages of 24-27 years old.
Whom recruit young easy influenced youth
These attacks do not happen just in one place they are happening all over.

How to help?
By making it known!


Afriforum –
By making a monthly donation.
Founded in 2006 , Focuses on solidarity, union and civil rights.
Funded by individuals, South African funded and operated.
Activist group.
Over 135000 members and 100+ full time staff
They have an agreement with a law firm who takes court cases against the South African government.

In raising awareness it needs to be realistic, truthful and respectful to the victims family.
With wrong statics you will get discredited.

Dot points

> Afriforum sued the ANC. Whilst in court the ANC were armed with guards with machine guns. The judged stopped the proceeding as they were intimidating. Afriforum won the case.

>Economic freedom fighters(left wing) an aggressive party had songs like ” shoot the farmers” and ” kill the boer ”

> A case in the 90s “a white person was in the wrong place at the wrong time” The killer said in court also saying that when the leader of the ANC was singing “kill the farmer” it influenced him.

>Drive patrols have been put on by locals with white and black people working together and livestock theft has come down 99%, these are run with radios and communication throughout the farms.

>Afriforum campaigning on 4 main reasons that will be a more effective way to let the government know about farm murders
1- Numbers of murders
2- The brutality of these murders
3- That farmers create jobs
4- Farmers are far away from towns and they are an easy target

> farmers are allowed to carry firearms but they have to give a warning shot first in their own home

Rhiannon – WAU probate Australia

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