Frigga Award 2020






WAU is excited  to announce that we will be presenting  another Frigga Award for 2020.

One of the most important roles a woman may play in her life is that of the Mother. As a nurturer and an educator, the way she raises her children will have an immeasurable effect on their adult selves. As mothers, it is our job to ensure that our children are brought up with strong values, that they have healthy bodies as well as minds, and that they have the tools necessary to make responsible decisions when they finally leave the nest. Yet at the same time, we want them to enjoy the simplicity and innocence of youth while it lasts, and to shelter them from the sickness that permeates the world outside the haven that we, their mothers, have created for them.

This balancing act is not an easy one, and the task of molding a person, before they can make choices for themselves, is a heavy responsibility. For this reason, Women for Aryan Unity come up to give out an award to some special mothers out there.

If you know of a mother who deserves recognition for her dedication to her Faith, Folk, and Family, please submit a written essay to telling  us about this wonderful Mother. WAU will read through all of the submissions, and then we will put them online so you can all vote for your favourite Aryan Mother, although we know all our Mothers are worthy.


There will be 2 awards;  a sterling silver FRigga Key pendant and a bronze Frigga Key Pendant both will come with a Himmlers mother’s brooch presented in a lovely wooden box made by one of our sisters.



If you would like to sponsor a prize for our next award the donation is $25, you can email us @ 

The Frigga Award is open to all Aryan Women who fight for the 14 words.

The Rules

Before making a submission there are a few rules that you need to be aware off.

a) If you have already won one of our prizes in a previous award, you will not be eligible to enter

b) Entry is not open to  members of WAU or their probates.

c) All entries will need to be verified for their legitimacy, if you are not associated or friends with any of the women from the WAU chapters, you will need to give us a personal reference of a well-known and legitimate organisation or group in your country that can verify the honesty of your submission. We reserve the right to deny entries if things don’t sound right.

d) You are welcome to add photos along with your submission and faces will be blurred before publication. If you do not want to make your name public, please let us know and provide us with a nickname you want published with your submission. Please make sure that you let your friends and family know so they know who to vote for.

e) Please try to keep submissions to fewer than 400 words, as much as we would love to hear all about these amazing mothers, most people online will not read large texts, so try to keep it simple.

f) Submissions are open from Sunday the 19th of January until Sunday 5th April.

g) Voting will be open from Sunday 12th  April through to Sunday 26th with winners being announced on Friday 1st May.

Once we have received all the submissions, WAU will read through them all and put them online so that you can vote for your favourite Aryan Mother, although we know that all our Mothers are worthy. The award winners will be decided based on online votes only and WAU has no involvement or sway on who wins.


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