How many WAU chapters are there?
Right now we have chapters located in Europe, America – Australia and South America.

How can I contact a chapter?
Anyone wishing to contact their closest chapter of WAU, should visit our website, www.wau14.com, and post on our guestbook, we do not recruit via the internet the only way you can join WAU is through knowing someone in WAU or an associate of WAU.

How does one become a member of the WAU? Is there a probation period? Yes, there is a probation period. Probation starts at 12 months, within the 12 months you have to prove that you are dedicated to fighting and striving for the 14 words on a daily basis. Probation periods can be shortened or made longer this is up to the sister in charge of the probation.

Is there an age requirement for joining WAU?
Yes, all members must be over 18 years old. All chapter heads must be over 21 years of age, we will make exceptions for some sisters!

What is expected of a WAU member?
As a WAU member we expect that each and every sister involved help with our many publications and e-zines, we have a lot of work to do, and we need all the help we can get. We also have many flyers that can be distributed for our many fundraisers. We raise money on a regular basis for members of The Order, and for families in need.

Is the WAU a religious organization?
WAU is not based on any religious ideology, but 99% of us are practicing pagans, we have had CI ladies involved in WAU twice and it just never seemed to work out for anyone involved, so we just go with what feels right for our organization. As of January 08 WAU has decided that we will no longer have females in WAU who are CI.

What kind of projects do the Women of WAU work on?
WAU works on many types of projects, ranging from children’s magazines to survival magazines, we have everything listed on our website. We try to cover as many topics as possible in our publications, we have yet to get bad feedback in regard to our magazines. We would love have the money to print them up more professionally, but we personally feel that when the content is good, the lack of professional printing can slide. Plus we have many fundraisers we like to donate to, it seems a waste to spend money on printing costs!

Can anyone submit to the zines or just WAU members?
Yes, anyone can submit to our publications, it doesn’t necessarily mean we will use it. We have people all over the USA, Europe, Australia and South America that submit wonderful articles to our main written magazine HomeFront Publications and we haven’t refused anything yet, if we don’t have space in our printed publications we do many e-zines that we will gladly use them for.

Does the WAU have any fundraisers?
We have many fundraisers, our main ones being for our Aryan Prisoners and their families. We also run another very successful fundraiser entitled the Adopt a Bruder, which has been a huge success. These projects/fundraisers are where the hearts of the WAU Sisters truly are, these projects keep us strong and united and give us a real reason to keep striving for the 14 words on a daily basis.

Are WAU members affiliated with other organizations?
We have WAU sisters with close connections to Blood and Honour Worldwide, HSN and various individual racialists that aren’t part of any groups, all the aforementioned groups are close friends and partners in our fight for the 14 words, they have proved to be both loyal and trustworthy in times of need. We would like to especially thank B&H Worldwide & the Hammerskin Nation for their hand in friendship over the years,  comrades we salute you!

Do the women of WAU speak to news reporters or other forms of mainstream media?
Absolutely not, many types of media scum have contacted us and we always refuse. They are our enemy so why would they want to help us?

Does WAU hate other races & cultures?
WAU is not concerned about hating other races, WAU is concerned about the welfare of her beloved White Race, we are here to educate, inform and enlighten.

The WAU Sisterhood
Estd 1990

United under the banner of folkish ideals and preservation