Week to week and sometimes day to day there is one movement blow up after another on social media. The hatred projected at people we should be calling “Racial Kindred” often rivals the hatred we express towards the most vile enemies of race and nature.

When we blab on Facebook we are not just airing our laundered unmentionables for all the world to see, but our dirty drawers, and the dirty drawers of others. And worse than anything else, dirty things that don’t belong to any one of us e.g. LIES.

Let me remind everyone what a lie is:

* An intentionally false statement an untruth a fabrication.

* When you exaggerate or magnify elements of a story, this is lying.

* If someone else says “this or that” and you know or even suspect it’s untrue, and then you pass it on, you make yourself a liar by participating in the lies of others.

* If you “think” something is going on and can’t prove it, and then you speculate and suppose and conjecture about what you imagine, and then pass it around as the truth, this is also lying.

When you gossip on social media you are not standing FACE-TO-FACE in front of the man or woman you are calling a low life, scumbad, whore, or whatever. THERE’S NO ACCOUNTABILITY. And that’s the problem.

99% of the social media gossip and rumors said about others behind their back would never be said to their face. This makes social media the coward’s playground. And even when something is true, too often IT IS NOBODY ELSE’S BUSINESS. And certainly not the business of our enemies.

For some reason people feel the need to create chaos and misery for themselves and others. In making enemies of those who should be “our own” we are playing into the hand of our real enemies. Need I remind you WHO owns and controls the internet networks and social media outlets we are gossiping on? Who we are sharing this information with?

Fact: Groups like Antifa, Anti Racist Action, ADL, JDL, SPLC, FBI, etc. ARE READING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TEXTS AND GOSSIP. They are gathering information and evidence from our worst spats to use against us. THEY HAVE PASSED ON OUR GOSSIP POSING AS ONE OF US, ADDING IN THEIR OWN LIES AND DISINFORMATION. No computer is secure.

If you see someone airing dirty laundry on social media THEN YOU SHOULD QUESTION WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE ONE OF “US.” If they are, they certainly aren’t acting the part. A personal standard of Honor should be assumed among our Folk. Honorable People do not participate in gossip, and certainly not in slander. HONORABLE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE BEING “WRONG” ABOUT ANYTHING.

Our race has forgotten what personal standards of Honor and Integrity even are. We are so used to hearing lies in the jewsmedia and from hollyweird that we join in on lying and slander as an everyday practice. THEY’VE TRAINED US INTO IT.

Honor and Integrity should imply HONESTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS, MORALITY, VIRTUE, a genuine sense of JUSTICE which includes A GENUINE LOVE OF TRUTH. In these things we find True Nobility.

Honor – real actual Honor – holds NO ROOM FOR SELFISH PRIDE. NO ROOM FOR DECEIT. NO ROOM FOR DISHONESTY. Selfish pride is the source of lies among small minded people. Selfish pride is negative. It is the source of arrogance and conceit. Selfishly prideful people put themselves above all others. There is no room for humility among prideful people, and they care for no one but themselves.

On the other hand, the Genuine Pride of Honorable men and women is SELFLESS. It is positive. It allows no room for deception among our own. It wrestles against personal fautls and weakness. It rises above.

If you are relaying factual information in a positive manner, this is acceptable behavior. Even dressing down despicable criminal un-Aryan behaviors among our Folkish communities is acceptable within limitations. But, if you state something you are not sure of, this is gossip. GOSSIPING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

If you are relaying factual information with the sole intent of harming one of “our own,” this is BETRAYAL OF TRUST. Not just the Trust of the individual, but the Trust of our Racial Community. INTENTIONAL DIVISION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

Here are RULES OF PRACTICE that need to become standards among our Folkish Communities:

* When someone comes to you with gossip, say “TELL IT TO HIS FACE, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.” If he can’t say it to the one he’s blabbing about, he shouldn’t be saying it at all. If he won’t listen, or the issue is more serious, follow these rules of order,

* 1). When you have a beef with someone (a gossiper, a slanderer, a dissembler, anyone breaking “our” laws or acting against the good of our Folk), go to him personally to admonish and reason with him. 2). If he will not listen to reason, bring one or two witnesses with you and attempt to reason with him again, personally. 3). If he still won’t listen to reason, you take it to your Folkish Community. 4). If he won’t listen to your Community, disassociate from him publicly. (Mt 18:15-20).

Confronting bad behavior generally stops it. But some people cannot be shamed no matter how shameful their actions. In those cases SET THEM OUT. If that doesn’t work SHUN THEM. Disassociate them from your group or organization. But try not to burn bridges, do not count them among our enemies, but warn them as brothers and sisters. (2Th 3:14-15). Leave room for their repentance and a later return to our Folk.

EXERCISE ACCOUNTABILITY. We’ve all been guilty of the same faults, so leave room for forgiveness. If a Cast Off repents of his former misbehavior, exercise mercy among our own. Our goal should always be to heal the rifts between our people so that our Folkish Communities may grow and prosper, and return to the status of Nations.

We must secure the existence of our Race, and a future for White Children.

©2019, David Tate, Bruders Schweigen prisoner. Permission hereby granted to send in full to gossipers everywhere.

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